Vol 4 No. 11 BC Listening Sessions

For those of you who are following with interest the Listening Sessions and their subsequent covenant comments, you will be interested in hearing of those that came from the Vancouver Area Churches on February 3rd. a very wide range of church experiences were present. There are those who have committed their primary energy to children and youth. There are those of a strong element of seniors. There are those that have a particular heart for celebrating with those who are coming to faith for the first time and encouraging that journey. There are churches that are committed to the poor, refugees and the homeless. The Vancouver, Sechelt and North Shore churches have a strong multi-cultural commitment and a strong involvement in institutional chaplaincy whether it be in the military, airport, Union Gospel Mission, Human trafficking (REED) , hospitals, the artistic community, amongst others. There are a myriad of fascinating stories, not the least of which is Henry Chan’s regular boat ride that goes out to freighters moored in Vancouver harbour so that those from Myanmar that are from the Karen people might have an opportunity to be involved in a bible study. Henry visited 17 ships in January and is someone for whom I have the deepest of respect. Read with great encouragement the stories that are before you.



In Christ,

Jeremy Bell


Greater Vancouver/Sunshine Coast – 9 participating churches, 1 report

Bethel Baptist Church, Sechelt – continuing to offer the resources that are our pastors who continue to serve in the context of denominational leadership

Fairview, Vancouver– enhancing the education of the congregation about CBWC; increasing the budget commitment to the CBWC

First Baptist Church, Vancouver – seeking ways in which we can serve our sister churches by serving stronger, healthier relationships between us.


Hillside Baptist Church, North Vancouver – increasing our giving to the CBWC; increasing the visibility of our congregation’s affiliation with the CBWC; increasing the tangible love of Jesus on the north shore

Grace Community, Vancouver – continuing our present financial and prayer support; increased communication; inviting officers to speak to us

Grandview Calvary, Vancouver – with the help of God, will commit its presence, participation and contribution to the work of the denomination

Kitsilano Christian Fellowship, Vancouver – seeking to increase awareness in our congregation of CBWC and our partnership with CBM; seek greater involvement in denominational endeavours and gatherings (e.g. BC Area meeting, CBWC assembly)

Myanmar, Vancouver – enhance spiritual growth, love and care for people in the Burmese community, spread gospel to Burmese seamen

Trinity Baptist – welcoming the denomination to come to us to make us aware of the needs and ask “How can Trinity Baptist members fill needs at a personal level!” This could be on a working group where lay people have to do something, invest themselves in an area of interest, and come back and talk about it

Joy Fellowship (report) – making contributions to other churches; supporting missionaries; support of Vancouver ministerials; supporting joint ministries for those with disabilities