Vol 4 No. 23 Regional Minister Appointed

As you are aware, Rob Ogilvie has been appointed the new Regional minister for British Columbia and Yukon. Let me take a moment or two before you read the announcement outlining the position, the process and some comments about the transition. I wish to underline as in several previous newsletters how deeply appreciative we have been as a region in BCY for Paul Pearce’s service over these last years. Paul has been a thorough, stabilizing and creative influence who has provided great opportunity for ministry and maturity in individuals, churches, areas and the denomination at large. It is important at every stage of our life as a denomination to mark well the faithfulness of God and the faithfulness of individuals. Thank you Lord, and thank you Paul for your faithfulness to that same Lord.

When a Regional Minister position becomes vacant within the denomination the board of the Canadian Baptists of Western Canada strikes a committee under the chair of the Vice President of Personnel (in this case Pat Flaten, who is from Saskatchewan). The committee consists of representatives from the Area, which usually include the moderator and 2-3 Area representatives that have been agreed to by the Area. The Executive Minister rounds out the committee and has the opportunity to appoint another member of Executive Staff, as these are the colleagues with whom the new appointment will work. In the case of the BCY Regional Minister, the experience, long term service and commitment to ongoing ministry from the Regional Administrator was taken into consideration and that individual plus the Vice President and President of the denomination were regularly informed of our progress. All staff and Human Resources positions are framed and formatted by Bill Mains (Senior Consultant – Church Resourcing & Special Projects), former Vice President of the Canadian Baptists of Western Canada and former Deputy Superintendant of schools in Prince George. David Holten also aids this process. I want to ask your patience in explaining this process for while it is extensive, it is really essential to be informed of how we engage these issues.

Bill Mains circulates a job description to the committee and the BCY Area Executive and subsequently posts a job description on agreed upon media sites, posting a deadline upon which applications are to be received. Once applications are received, an interview list is created. Once this has been created and interviews are conducted, a candidate is selected and presented to the Board for approval. After the approval, having been accepted or rejected, leads us to the next step which, in the case of Rob Ogilvie, was to announce his appointment.





Pat Flaten, Vice-President of Personnel and Program for Canadian Baptists of Western Canada (CBWC) and Rev Jeremy Bell, Executive Minister of CBWC are pleased to announce the appointment of Rev. Robert (Rob) Ogilvie as the new British Columbia and Yukon Regional Minister of CBWC.  Rev. Ogilvie’s appointment comes as a result of a Canada-wide advertising initiative to fill this key CBWC leadership position and subsequent applicant screening, short-listing and interviewing by a Committee comprised of CBWC Board members and representatives from the BCY Area Executive/BC Convention Trustees and Executive Staff. 


Rob has been active in CBWC/BUWC life for over 25 years and brings considerable experience in both secular and CBWC church leadership to the BCY Regional Minister position. Following a very successful career in business and management in Calgary, Rob served as Pastor for five years of Calvary Baptist Community Church in Weyburn, Saskatchewan and has been the Pastor of Westwood Community Baptist Church in Coquitlam, BC for over seven years.  Following his attendance at the Baptist Leadership Training School, Rob  obtained a Bachelor of Arts Degree from the University of Calgary and a Master of Divinity Degree from Regent College.  He has also been educated at Carey Theological College where he and his wife, Bonnie, also served as Residential Deans of the College for three years.  Rob has been a member of the Saskatchewan Area of the CBWC/BUWC and is currently the Vice-Chair of the Board of Administration of Carey Theological College.  He has also been involved in Canadian Baptist Ministries initiatives in Kenya as a Conference Speaker. Rob, his wife Bonnie, and his two daughters reside in Port Moody, BC.

Rob’s top priorities as he begins as the new BCY Regional Minister are to visit as many churches as possible to establish rapport with Pastors and Boards and to connect with the BCY Camps, Carey and other CBWC ministry agencies.  He has a strong interest in promoting multi-culturalism in his role as BCY Regional Minister as he sees this as very important in British Columbia where so many people have come from different parts of the world and can bring newness and richness to church life  

Rev. Jeremy Bell comments that “Rob has a very strong work ethic, can relate to all types of people, has had diversity of experience in his working and pastoral careers and will make a significant contribution to the work of CBWC in the most western region of our constituency.  Under Rob’s leadership, we are confident that he will help all of our churches and agencies advance the Gospel of Jesus Christ and become a key player in fashioning CBWC as a Christ-centered community of churches; inviting faith, acting in mercy and cultivating leaders.”

Rev. Ogilvie is expected to begin his duties and responsibilities as BCY Regional Minister sometime after this September.   


I want to personally thank Rob for his willingness to serve in this capacity. I want to welcome both Rob and Bonnie to this community in Rob’s new role. I thank the Lord for such gifted people as Pat Flaten and bill Mains for their guidance of the process, as well as the committee for their diligence.

I also want to declare our dependence on our Mighty God in all these endeavors.


In Christ,


Jeremy Bell