Vol 4 No. 27 Sam Breakey

I am most thankful to God for Sam Breakey and his leadership in so many areas of our life together in CBWC. Sam is prayerful, patient, brings lots of clarity and understanding to each situation that he encounters. Sam also brings an ability to create structures in which we can experience both the activity of the Holy Spirit and opportunities to be visionary together. There is no greater need of this skill and gift set than in the area of settlement in the denomination. We have been blessed by God by many skilled individuals in churches in areas and in the life of the denomination who have brought their expertise to this topic with great energy. Sam has sought best practices from elsewhere, within our community of churches and in his own wise experience to create a pattern of discernment in the area of church settlement and placement. I honour and respect his work and celebrate with you what the Lord will lead us in as the local church that we all serve together grows in this particular process.


In Christ

Jeremy Bell