Vol 4 No. 32 CBWC Ministries

I want to spend some time today explaining how some of our ministries and staff are configured. As a denomination we have long had a commitment to and an advocacy for youth, children and families.

Sometimes these commitments have had a committee, ministry group or ministry network supporting them, sometimes a contract staff person.

Through the financial commitment of the Board and the help and support of David Connop and David Holten, we have been able to experiment over this last year and a half in the creative ministries affecting youth, children and families. The interest has always been a core to our individual congregations and the CBWC is simply reflecting those stated ministry commitments and seeking to enhance them be providing resources.

Over the last four months I have created a coordinated ministry cluster headed by Faye Reynolds that brings together several ministries that we are committed to with the gifted people who are resourcing us in these areas. These ministries include: Children and Families, Urban Camping, Residential Camping, Women in Focus, Short Term Ministries, and Youth. These ministries, their personnel and their respective committees will have the benefit of each others commitment, support, prayer, vision coherence, cross referencing, congregational and regional needs.

The following people are part of this ministry cluster. The group retains the individuality of each ministry and the ministry network group.

  • Faye Reynolds – Women in Focus
  • Darren Hotte – Camping Committee (Chair)
  • Mandi Hecht – Children and Families (Heartland Region)
  • Rod Olson – Urban Camping (Coordinator)
  • Nadia VanderKuip -Short Term Ministries (Coordinator)
  • Claire McLean – Youth (Interim)

Please pray for these commitments; apart from Faye, all are on 1 year renewable contracts.

We live in exciting and encouraging times.



In Christ,

Jeremy Bell