Vol 4 No. 33 Resource Centre

Lisa (newly named Gould) very ably leads our Resource Centre and has reminded me we haven’t spoken of it in some time. We have in Lisa, and the Resource Centre, a great gift that has a variety of opportunities for learning, sharing with one another and experiencing God. As mentioned in a previous newsletter, there are over 20 resource book clusters that can be used for group study. If you fit into any one of the following areas the Resource Centre is for you:

  1. If you believe that discipleship, spiritual formation and lifelong learning are a lifelong process.
  2. If you are finding yourself excluded to access of good material because of funds or geography.
  3. Finally,  if the Holy Spirit is animating you to be inquisitive ( and I hope this is true of all of us) then the Resource Centre is for you.



In Christ

Jeremy Bell

What is the Resource Centre?

The goal of the Resource Centre (RC) is to provide material that is both current and relevant at no cost to the borrower.  The library includes material for study purposes, materials for all ages, material that covers several forms of media (CDs, DVDs, books, audio lectures, study games) and more.

How do you access it?

Each church is given a password* and a username* with which they access the RC through our website, which can be found at www.cbwc.ca. Under the “Resource” tab there is a description and link to the RC website. Once you have reached the website you can enter you username and password to login.

* If you need to find out what your username and password is or if you need to sign up for one please contact Lisa Gould (See information below)

It really is this easy!…

After you have logged in you can browse through the material and pick the items you are interested in. Make sure you confirm both your mailing address your order. The request is then emailed to me (Lisa) and I process it. I will send the materials out all at once with return postage. The general lending period is about 3-5 weeks, but depending on the material, special requests can be made.

We are continually adding new material to our RC and encourage your feedback on what we have in stock and what you are looking for.

Take a look at these new books currently on order:

Mark Holmen –  “ Take IT Home”

“Faith Begins At Home”

Rob Bell – Nooma – DVDs 12, 15-18

“Matthew” – 12

“You” – 15

“Store” – 16

“Today” – 17

“Name” – 18

William Young – “The Shack”

Being involved with Resource Centre as much as I am, I can attest to the fact that it is a wonderful and diverse library. I encourage everybody to take a look at what is available and to utilize it as “YOUR” library. As the RC grows we are able to add new and relevant material. We hope that in the years to come we can keep growing and that we can keep providing material for use in education and ministry. If you have any questions about how to access, navigate, or find material for the Resource Centre please contact me, Lisa Gould, at (403) 228-9559 or email me at lgould@cbwc.ca.