Vol 4 No. 35 Canadian Council of Christian Charities

Financially sound practices and management have been a hallmark of Canadian Baptists of Western Canada and its predecessor BUWC. We have successive Executive Ministers in Harry Renfree, Doug Moffat, Bill Cram, and Gerry Fisher, along with those presidents and vice-presidents of the board who took the stewardship of the Lord’s money and the trust of God’s people in them with the Lord’s money to heart.

The term sacred trust has been overused in contemporary literature but is the only term that is applicable to this particular part of our work. It should be noted that there are many other parts of our ministry for which we have the same commitment. But today’s topic is money. I want to thank the BUWC’s former treasurer, Michael Packer, for his work. And I particularly give thanks to God for the service and care, creativity and commitment that David Holten brings to this work. David Connop, our Vice President of Finance, has been a wonderful encouragement and facilitator in these matters and Bill Mains, who is commenting in today’s newsletter on the CCCC is an unsung asset for us all. I would like to publically thank the audit committee and auditors who serve us and you, but it is essential in Christian life, work and stewardship to have an external body which aids us in accountability as an organization.

The CCCC does this and so much more in resourcing ourselves and many others. I have asked Bill, who along with David, work with our representatives on the CCCC to tell you about them.


In Christ,

Jeremy Bell



It is important for our churches, agencies and denomination to keep current on matters concerning changing and emerging issues and trends in Canadian Charity regulations and in liability risk, human resources, governance, management and operational matters.  One of the best sources for continuing education and professional development is the annual CCCC Conference which is being held this year in Calgary from September 23-25.  Our Canadian Baptists of Western Canada family is well-represented at this year’s event as several people whom many of you know have been invited to be presenters.  Here is some interesting information on the Conference.


What does CCCC stand for and for how long has this conference been held?

CCCC stands for the Canadian Council of Christian Charities.  The CCCC has been holding an annual Christian Leadership Conference since 1973.  Typically about 300-350 people attend from all across Canada.  The Conference alternates every year from being held in Toronto to being held in major cities in Western Canada.  This year the conference is being held at the Coast Plaza Hotel in Calgary.


What is this year’s conference all about and what themes are being addressed?

This year’s theme is “Worthy of Respect”.   As well as regular times of worship each day and the opportunity to hear inspirational speakers, attendees will have a smorgasbord  of numerous workshops to attend that address such themes as Charity Leadership, Governance, Chief Executive Officer Roles, Church/Denominational Relationships, Mission Support, Public Profile, Human Resources, Legal Issues, Finance, and Stewardship.  A special event this year is official recognition of two outstanding and inspiring Christian Leaders – Billy Graham and David Mainse – who have modeled for us lives of complete integrity in both life and ministry.  Billy Graham will be represented by his grandson, Will Graham.


Who in our CBWC Family is participating as Presenters at this year’s conference?

We have several people who have been invited to take an active role in being presenters this year.  David Holten, our Director of Administration and Finance, is sharing on “Healthy Church Debt”.  John Prociuk, our Director of Clergy Care and Bill Mains, our Senior Consultant, are teaming up to present a two part session on “Pastor-Board Relations”.  Rose-Marie Goodwin, the BUDF’s Vice-President of Planned Giving, will be doing two sessions on “Fundraising for a Family of Related Charities” and “How to Effectively Deliver Planned Giving Workshops”.  Del Bannerman, Executive Advisor and Irene Pfeiffer, a volunteer, from our Mustard Seed Ministry in Calgary will be speaking on “Sacred Deeds and Secular Dollars”.  And, Michael Packer, our long serving, retired BUWC and BUDF administrator, now with Wycliffe Bible Translators, will be featured in a Panel Presentation on “The Makings of a Great Board.”  All in all, our CBWC family is making a great knowledge contribution to this Canada-wide event.


How Can One Get More Information on this year’s CCCC Annual Conference?  

The easiest way is to log on to www.cccc.org/conference It’s not too late to register!