Vol 4 No. 43 Ministry Resources

It’s important to take time every once and awhile to recognize the work and the people who serve God faithfully within the Canadian Baptists of Western Canada. So, today we provide you with a list of these resource and ministry groups that we have within the CBWC and the people involved in each group. In creating this list, we hope that we have remembered and recognized all the individuals and ministries under our umbrella – my sincere apologies if we have missed anyone. Please let us know so that we can update this.



In Christ,

Jeremy Bell


David Holten (Financial), Lisa Gould (Church Resources / Resource Library), Shelby Gregg and Claudia Wakeman (Vancouver), Dawn Johannesson (BCY Region), Judy Hoefling and Sharon Onciul (Alberta Region), Judith Arends (Heartland Region) 


President : David Simpson

Vice Presidents:

David Connop – VP of Finance

Currently Vacant – VP of Planning

Pat Flaten – VP of Personnel & Programme


Tim Kerber (Moderator)

Jan Passuke

Betty Smith

BC and Yukon:

Glenn Rabuka

Connie Cristall (Moderator)

Ted Brandon


Debra-Jean Moor (Moderator)

Devin Seghers

Mary Stuber Doerksen

CBM Western Section Chair:

Sam Chaise



Darrin Hotte (Chair), Henry Dethmers, Jeff Dyer, Jeff George, Claire Mclean, Rod Olson, Mike Oshiro, Leanne Randall, Steve Roadhouse


Children & Families Network (CFAM): 

Sherry Bennett (Chair),  Dawn Medgett (Alberta), Mandi Hecht (Heartland),

Pam Borchert and Sue Julien (BC), Sharon Harris, Mike Engbers, Brad Naylor, Jo-Ann Matiachuk (Consultant)


Canadian Baptist Ministries:

Gary Nelson – General Secretary

Dennis Shierman – Western Representative

Kari Parkhouse – Administrative Assistant


Clergy Care:

John Prociuk


Communications & Finance Committee: 

David Connop (Chair), Jeremy Bell, Rose-Marie Goodwin, Lisa Gould, Shelby  Gregg, David Holten, Ceal Mclean, Brian Stelck,  Heather Thompson, Bob Webber


Conflict Resolution: 

Bill Mains, Debra-Jean Moore, Allana Grauman, Marilyn Kaiser



Judith Arends, Jeremy Bell, Lisa Gould, David Holten, Bill Mains, Brian Stelck, Ken Thiessen



Education Policy & Initiatives (Brian Stelck)

Carey Theological College (Brian Stelck), William Carey Institute (Sam Chaise),

Rocky Mountain College (Joyce Peasgood & Rod Olson)



John Goodwin

Executive Staff (also part of board):

Jeremy Bell, David Holten, John Prociuk, Stu Dinsmore, Faye Reynolds

Ken Thiessen, Rob Ogilvie, Sam Breakey, Brian Stelck


Human Resources: 

Bill Mains (Chair), Jeremy Bell,  David Holten, Colleen Schneider


Information Technology (IT) / Website: 

Ken Thiessen, Kristan Shierman, Shelby Gregg


Liability Risk Manual (LRM): 

Bill Mains, David Holten, Glenn Rabuka


Ministerial Credentials Committee (MCC): 

Jeremy Bell (Chair), Ken Thiessen, Judith Arends (Support), David Holten, Rob Ogilvie, Sam Breakey, Brian Stelck, John Prociuk


Missional Church / Church Health and Planting (CHAP): 

Ken Thiessen (Chair), Jeremy Bell, Sam Breakey, Rob Ogilvie, Brian Stelck, Ken Thiessen, Bill Mains

Ken Nettleton – Missional Church

Howard Lawrence – Missional Church Consultation

Joell Haugan – HL CHAP Chair

Steven MacCuaig – AB CHAP Chair

Laura Nelson – BCY CHAP Chair


Refugees & Uprooted peoples: 

Lynn & Larry Pearce



Sam Breakey with Executive Staff


Short Term Ministry (STM): 

Nadia VanderKuip


Special program Events: 

Lisa Gould (Calgary / Banff), Shelby Gregg (Vancouver)


Urban Camping: 

Rod Olson


Women In Focus (WIF): 

Mary Dyk, Isabelle Johnson, Leone Lynnes, Faye Reynolds, Moreen Sharp, Alice Sowden, Peggi Talbot, Bev Thiessen, Heather Thomson



Claire Mclean and Youth Leadership Team:


Vancouver Island –  Tammy Klassen

Lower Mainland – Jeremy Keay

Mainland + Fraser Valley – Brent Weick

Northern Region (Northern BC & beyond) – Pat MacDonald

Okanagan –  Clark Taylor

Peace River – Chris Millington

Southern Alberta – Patrick Hazelwood

Calgary – VACANT

Central Alberta – Andy Moffat

Edmonton North –  Elden Faulkner

Sask. South –  Byron Toth

Sask. North – Jeremy Doorten

Winnipeg Area  –   Sandra Sabourin

Manitoba West –  Gary St. Amand