Vol 4 No. 44 Carey Hall’s 50th Anniversary

Carey Hall celebrated its 50th Anniversary on September 28th this year. In an excellent celebration created by William Carey Centre Director Sam Chaise (with the excellent help from administration Esther Kitchener, VP David Carlson and Christopher Orr), the event was a wonderful celebration of God’s faithfulness over these many years. The Vancouver celebration included several thematic room displays, a general open house, greetings from the CBWC from myself, a series of observations from Carey President Brian Stelck which were much appreciated. A DVD presentation filmed and photographed by Shelby Gregg and Beatrice Marovich, and created by Sam Chaise and Shelby Gregg, is an excellent overview of our past and present. Follow up events happened in Kelowna (19 October), Regina (19 October), Souris (25 October), Victoria (26 October) and will happen this weekend in Edmonton (2 November).

The Carey Board Chair Fay Puddicombe presented “In Appreciation Citations” to four worthy and appropriate leader-servants amongst us. Each holds significance in their contribution to Carey and our community of churches. The citations are quoted below.



In Christ,

Jeremy Bell


Don Anderson

In Carey’s formative years, Don was one of the three students granted the Diploma in Pastoral Studies by the Carey senate in 1978. He would later participate in early discussions and negotiations with Regent College as the Carey-Regent partnership began to emerge. The wisdom gained through those years would serve Carey well as Don would provide substance and vision to his later work as an active member of the Carey Hall Board Administration, particularly as Board Chair from 1996 – 2001. His attention to detail and process has been a gift to Carey during its unprecedented growth from 1994 to the present. Notable items include Don’s work on bylaw revisions for the College, attention to academic standards, and Carey Theological College’s receiving accreditation through the Association of Theological Schools in the United States and Canada.

Through the years, Don’s participation on the Carey Board provided strong and steady leadership that allowed the innovation to flourish during a period of rapid growth, setting the stage for significant development as a theological institution. For this reason, on our 50th Anniversary, we honour the Rev. Dr. Donald Anderson and express to him our deepest gratitude. To God be the Glory!

Roy Bell

The Rev. Dr. Roy Bell has had a long and distinguished pastoral and educational ministry in the Canadian Baptist community in Western Canada.

In 1983, under Roy’s leadership, Carey Hall established a set of goals that would propel it into its next stage of development, including the move towards affiliation with the University of British Columbia, raising constituency awareness about the purpose and programs at Carey, and enhancing continuing education and distance education activities. These were all goals that would continue to be addressed and developed over the next 25 years.

Roy’s background in education, psychology and theology served him – and Carey – well. It must be acknowledged that Carey would not be what it is today were it not for the pioneering decisions and directions set in its early years, thanks to people such as Dr. Roy Bell. For this reason, on our 50th Anniversary, we honour the Rev. Dr. Roy Bell and express to him our deepest gratitude. To God be the Glory!

Phil Collins

Phil’s leadership was noted for its incisive judgement and discerning decision-making. Not limiting his vision to graduate degree requirements, Dr. Collin’s innovation and creativity also produced the first Certificate in Ministry programs, designed to respond to the training needs of people already in ministry which, notably, included leaders in the Mustard Seed ministry.

Dr. Collin’s work on retention rates for new clergy was instrumental in the design of the Graduate Internship Program, a denominational ministry for which Phil was appointed in the first director.

Phil provided strong and visionary leadership through Carey’s early years; years often characterized by turbulence and struggle. Dr. Collins was called upon to provide leadership at a key time in Carey’s history; a time during which Carey Hall established its place in both denominational and educational worlds. For this reason, on our 50th Anniversary, we honour the Rev. Dr. Phillip Collins and express to him our deepest gratitude. To God be the Glory!

Brian Stelck

In his role as Carey Principal, eventually becoming President, Brian is known to be entrepreneurial and innovative. He quickly grasps new ideas and is able to evaluate them and process them expeditiously through the Carey system. He is sensitive and insightful in matters of process and development; his leadership style is collegial, collaborative and creative. He is bold enough to promote new directions even if they challenge existing systems, but, at the same time, maintains a deep understanding of relational and political realities. His openness to the vision of others enables Brian to walk alongside faculty and staff as they test directions and ideas, offering encouragement and support.

The work continues, characterized by Brian’s visionary capacity, his attention to detail, a spirit of flexibility, and his determination to think “outside the box” in response to the needs of Carey’s constituency. Brian remains unwavering in his commitment to the inclusion of the whole people of God in all our educational pursuits; a commitment that is both ignited by and responsive to the Spirit’s call toward new horizons. On this, our 50th Anniversary, we hour the Rev. Dr. Brian Stelck and express to him our deepest gratitude. To God be the Glory!