Vol 4 No. 49 Opportunity Fund

The Opportunity Fund was established in the Spring of 2000 by funds freed up by the Bentall Family in the sale of Trinity Lodge in Calgary.

The fund has distributed just over 4 million dollars to more than 40 churches since then.

The Grants Committee meets two times a year and is led so very ably by John Wilton, formerly the Minister of Emmanuel Baptist in Victoria and Executive Minister of the Baptist Convention of Ontario and Quebec. This committee has, since its inception, been under the aegis of the Baptist Union Development Foundation. This gifted and representative committee now relates directly to the CBWC and in these next weeks we will continue to integrate our communications and ministry together. Today’s newsletter presents the fruit of the committee’s deliberations as I report on the churches and ministries that have received funds this past year. I would like to thank Kristan Shierman who is the administrative support for the committee, and the committee itself for their fine work.



In Christ,

Jeremy Bell