Vol 4 No. 51 Prayer

Some “mentions” this newsletter day that are ways for us all, in some cases, to have cause for celebration, and in others, cause for prayer.

The recent cold snap across the country has caused a severe stream of those unable to get out of their homes, in some cases their caregivers and the social services that care for them. The cold has also affected those who often sleep on the streets in every rural or urban area. Victoria and Vancouver are not used to nor equipped for longer term cold periods.

Please pray for all concerned, especially First Baptist Vancouver and Grandview Calvary, Vancouver, who often house homeless folk overnight. Grandview Calvary in Vancouver has had serious damage resulting from a truck ploughing into their building last Saturday. Please pray for the seriously injured driver and the church as it assesses the damage and the challenge to ministry over Christmas and beyond.


In Christ,

Jeremy Bell


Advent 2: The God who Speaks

God’s revelation in the scripture. Thanksgiving for the Bible and confession for taking it for granted. Prayers for scholars, translators, preachers, and publishers.

Deuteronomy 6.4–7; 30.11–15; Psalms 119.97–98, 103–105; Isaiah 40.6–8;55.6, 9–11; John 1.1–5; 2 Timothy 3.16–17; Hebrews 4.12–13.


God of revelation,

we thank you that you are not a silent God,

isolated from humanity,

leaving us to guess and speculate

about the things that matter.

We pray for those who serve you

by studying manuscripts and clarifying texts;

for scholars and preachers

who wrestle with the words of life

for the building up of your Church;

for linguists, translators, and publishers

who continue to serve the cause of your gospel

by making the Bible available to more

and more people.

Lord, create in us a hunger for your word,

a thankfulness for your gospel,

and a faithfulness to your commands;

through Jesus Christ our Lord.


A Prayer for Help

God of eternity,

when the voice of the prophet was silent

and the faith of your people low;

when darkness had obscured light

and indifference displaced zeal:

you saw that the time was right,

and prepared to send your Son.

Set us free from fear and faithlessness

that we may be ready to welcome him

who comes as Saviour and Lord.