Vol 4 No. 6 Some Items for Prayer

Hello Folks,

What follows are a series of items for prayer and challenge in the next few weeks. I am excited and encouraged about the times we live, worship and work in.

Please pray for:

  • Those churches seeking new staff and leadership and Sam Breakey as he leads our settlement process
  • For the British Columbia and Yukon Area as they seek new leadership as Paul Pearce moves to take on the Executive Minister position at Beulah Gardens. Pray for Paul and Patsy in their transition (and our loss) and for Glenn Rabuka (BCY Area Moderator) and Pat Flatten (CBWC Vice-President of personnel) as we seek God’s direction.
  • Pray for Keats Camp as they seek a new director and the camp board as they seek a new long-term plan
  • Several of us from Canadian Baptists of Western Canada, Canadian Baptist Ministries, Atlantic Baptists and Baptist Convention of Ontario and Quebec were involved in the recent Jimmy Carter sponsored meetings in Atlanta called the New Baptist Covenant. I’ll comment on the time and introduce the links in a future newsletter, but please pray for the direction for this gathering in the months ahead and that it might be a consensus for good, not criticism.
  • Pray for Nadia VanderKuip as she works with us in the field of Short Term Ministries.
  • Pray for the ongoing evolution of staff responsibility.



In Christ

Jeremy Bell

Lent 2008