Vol 5 No. 1 I Have Overcome the World

Dear folks,

A wonderful welcome to all of you in the New Year.

I wanted to frame this new year by sharing with you an editorial that I read in the National Post that helped me not only reflect on the past year and Christmas, but also placed me firmly in the reality of what the new year should be like in Christ.

I want to tell you that once again I am appalled by the general coverage of Christmas by the media in this country and I find it an interesting irony for several reasons that the National Post continues to be the most helpful as it serves us all when it covers both Christmas and Easter.  I was deeply moved by this article. We have obtained permission to use this so feel free to quote it. I share this with you as a gift that I received so that you might in doing the same take heart from the scripture quoted in the article. Our Lord reminding us that we must take courage for Christ has overcome the world. No editorial explains everything nor is it a be all and end all, but the words from Christ I have just quoted are indeed all those things and more.



In Christ,