Vol 5 No. 11 The Carey Erb-Gullison Professor Of Family Ministries

Carey Theological College installed Dr. Paddy Ducklow in the Erb-Gullison Professor of Family Ministry Chair on February 26th, 2009 at West Vancouver Baptist Church.  The locale was wonderful; as Paddy became a believer there, he and Carol married there, and his mother came to faith and was baptized at West Vancouver.  Paddy led the singularly most balanced and exciting youth community during the Jesus Movement at West Vancouver in the late 60’s and early 70’s; it was called “Salt Circus”.

Here’s what the service program said about both Paddy and Evlyn and Ben’s life.

Paddy has more than thirty-five years of pastoral experience, most recently serving for the past fifteen years as the Senior Pastor and Team Leader of Capilano Christian Community in North Vancouver.  Paddy is a registered psychologist with extensive experience working in the areas of marriage enrichment, parenting, conflict, interpersonal relationships, and family systems.  He loves the church and is committed to transformation through personal communication.

The Erb-Gullison Chair of Family Ministries was endowed in honour of Evlyn Erb and Dr. Ben Gullison, partners in marriage and in ministry.  Growing up in India as the child of missionary parents, Ben dreamed of bringing the best to the poorest in rural India.  He trained as a physician and Evlyn as a theologian.  The fruit of their shared work is Operation Eyesight, one of the first organizations to target eye health in the developing world.  Since 1963, Operation Eyesight has treated more than 33 million people for potentially blinding conditions.  In 1980 Dr. Ben Gullison was named to the Order of Canada.

I have known Paddy since I was in my 20’s and deeply respect his work and person, as do so many others.  I knew Evlyn and Ben from the age of 15 and always enjoyed their kindness, character and person.  I think of them often and like others, miss them still.

The first Erb-Gullison chair was occupied by Roy Bell, 1989-1995 and then Mark Davies from 1995-2007.  The Chair is endowed.  I was reflecting on what these professors brought to their discipline and teaching.  Here are some of my thoughts, which are incomplete.

  • They are all comfortable in themselves
  • Despite its challenges,  they all deeply affirm the church of our Lord Jesus Christ
  • They all radically and enthusiastically affirm marriage as a gift from God and believe in teaching and affirming good marriage.
  • They are all comfortable about speaking and reflecting on human sexuality, which cannot always be said of Christians
  • They are all scholarly, pastoral, and exceptional teachers
  • They are (fortunately) warm, engaging and funny.

Thanks be to God for Carey and for these outstanding teachers.


In Christ,