Vol 5 No. 17 Partnering Sessions

The three Regional Ministers (Rob Ogilvie, Ken Thiessen and Sam Breakey), along with our Clergy Care coordinator John Prociuk, are in the process of re-examining, re-framing and changing the gatherings that were known as the Listening Sessions.

They have been renamed “Partnering Sessions” in clusters or groupings representing 8 geographical regions rather than 14. The emphasis is on sharing and reflection with in smaller groups of churches within the larger gathering.

On March 28th we gathered in Asquith to meet with the Saskatchewan area churches. I am very grateful to the 12 churches out of 20 that ventured forth on that Saturday afternoon. I understand that some churches had other commitments but it was very disappointing that more would not continue the deepening cooperation and fellowship we have been building in these last 2 years.

My thanks to the Asquith church family who hosted us: Jeff Zacharias, Deirdre Zacharias, Jason Metcalfe, Barry & Peggy Rice, Nettie Johnston, Joshua Goetz. The new emphasis of these sessions places a greater responsibility on the regional office and on the administrator and less of an emphasis on the denomination as a whole. CBWC staff were present to offer encouragement and resources.

The sharing time, prayer and discussion were, from my point of view, excellent.

I’ll end my comments on three notes; please prayerfully support these new partnerships with your presence. Secondly, praise God for stories ; this session was for me the story of the Moosimin church going on a cycle fundraiser gathering $12,000; half from refugees and half for local needs. Amen.

Lastly, I want to include the following excellent paragraph from Asquith’s report. As you read it remember that Asquith has 450 people, 1000 in the area and has over 150 members and adherents or over 15% of their neighbourhood… how outstanding is that? A teachable challenge for the CBWC?

Asquith Baptist is just like an other church, we have struggles, we don’t always agree on everything, and we sometimes get carried away and begin to run ahead of God instead of beside Him, and yet at the heart of our church I believe is a real desire to become the people and the church that God desires us to be. That means we all have to give up some things while at the same time picking up new things that God has intended for us. We cover the prayers of the CBWC staff as well as from the other churches within the Heartland Area.



In Christ,