Vol 5 No. 23 Banff Pastor’s Conference “Discerning the Will of God”

Mark Twain was reputed to have said; “Everyone is talking about the weather but no one is doing anything about it.”

I find some similarity (with a twist) on an entirely different topic; discerning the will of God.  I hear a lot of talk about the will of God; what God has told someone to say, think or do… I hear very little talk, serious conversation and reflection on discerning the will of God.  If my observations are accurate (and they may be my own projections), then a lot of Christians are declaring that they know the will of God for themselves and others without even bothering to check with God.  That kind of behaviour is at best a form of spiritual delusion and at worst, a destructive form of dishonesty.  Our Lord needs to be honoured by our prayers, silence, receptivity and reflection; only then will we be led forth to action.  I, like many of you, get regularly fed-up with people who complain (like I have here) without offering constructive engagement (see the following).

At the Banff Pastor and Spouse’s Conference we will be led through some serious teaching and reflection around discerning the will of God by Gordon Smith.  Gordon was the Academic Dean at Regent College.  Currently he serves as President of reSource Leadership International, as well as a Sessional Lecturer at Regent.  He is the author of Listening to God in Times of Choice and The Voice of Jesus and is an excellent expository preacher, well-versed in the complications, challenges and baggage associated with this extremely essential topic.  Gordon will speak on the Tuesday.

Our own Brian Stelck from Carey Theological College will re-invigorate the discussion on the Missional Church with the input of a broadly based panel.

Darrell Johnson, the new, incoming Senior Pastor of First Baptist Church Vancouver will speak on Wednesday evening.  We are looking forward to welcoming Darrell into our family of churches and learning from his profound biblical insights.

There is room and “extreme encouragement” to set aside all scheduling and commitments for Sabbath, reflection, prayer and relaxation.  There are hopes for social areas, maybe a coffee house, quiet areas, Bible Study, prayer space and opportunities for recreation.

Come to Banff.  All of us need to reflect more on God’s will for each of us.  All of us need some space and time.   If finances are a challenge, then talk to your regional minister, David Holten or myself.

God be with us all and in our prayers to discern our gathering at Banff this year.



In Christ,