Vol 5 No. 28 Our New Alberta Regional Minister

I want to thank so many of you who have been praying for our process of discerning who should be the next Alberta Regional Minister.  I would remind us of how faithful God has been to us in the past and how He will continue to be.  A marker of that faithfulness is the faithful and outstanding service rendered by Sam Breakey.  Our continued thanks go to him and to God for Sam’s years in this position.  Jan Paasuke (CBWC President), Tim Kerber (Alberta Moderator), Glen Rabuka (CBWC VP of Personnel and Program), Wayne Larson (Senior Pastor, Trinity Baptist Church, Sherwood Park and former Regional Minister) and myself were brilliantly led though a reflection on the Regional Job Description, an initial review of advertising and a vetting of the original applications.  Shelby Gregg recorded our deliberations and I was also part of this group that interviewed two candidates.  The results of this process are contained in Bill Mains well-written memo below.  A position description (annually reviewed if you have comments) is attached.

I want to say how thankful I am to God for the selection of Dennis Stone as our new Alberta Regional Minister.  His personal character, faith, approachability and understanding of our family of churches are once again a declaration of God’s faithfulness.



In Christ,





July 7, 2009


On behalf of Jan Paasuke, CBWC President, and Glenn Rabuka, CBWC VP of Personnel and Programme, Jeremy Bell, Executive Minister of Canadian Baptists of Western Canada is pleased to announce that Rev. Dennis Stone, Senior Pastor of Faith Community Baptist Church in Claresholm, Alberta has been appointed to the position of Alberta Regional Minister.  This Executive staff position is responsible for providing a ministry of spiritual support and encouragement to the over 60 churches and ministry agencies in Alberta, the Peace and East Kootenay areas of BC and in Yellowknife in the NWT.  This involves building working, supportive and nurturing relationships with church pastors and lay leaders, camp and agency officials and denominational staff.  The Regional Minister also provides initial pastoral care, church and ministry consultation, and oversight and support of CBWC programs in the Alberta Region.  As well, currently this position is responsible for the CBWC-wide Pastoral Settlement portfolio.

Originally from the state of Montana, Dennis holds a Master of Education Degree in Counselling. He completed all of his theological education in Canada.  Rev. Stone was ordained as a BUWC/CBWC pastor in 1988 at White Rock Baptist Church in BC.  Dennis moved to Alberta in 1989 and served as Senior Pastor at Delwood Road Baptist in Edmonton prior to moving to Claresholm in 1995. Rev. Stone found these ministry situations deeply meaningful as he loved and ministered to the people God placed him among and has been deeply loved in return.  Dennis has considerable  experience in the Alberta Region including serving as the Alberta Area Moderator, Member of the Alberta Area Executive, involvement in Ordination Examining Councils  and Co-Chairing the CBWC’s Southern Alberta Cluster Gatherings.

Dennis and his wife Anita have been married for thirty years and have four adult children.  His personal interests involve time with his family, fishing, music and keeping up with his favourite hockey team – the Edmonton Oilers.  Dennis looks forward to his new CBWC leadership role and, with “the Lord being his helper”, will seek to support and strengthen CBWC’s churches and ministries in the Alberta Region through encouragement, prayer, personal relationship building, and collegiality. He can be called upon to provide information, resources, support and advice to help our churches and agencies achieve their ministry goals and objectives.  Dennis will assist churches, pastors and lay leaders to fully realize their potential as integral parts of our CBWC family as together we seek to be healthy, caring, missional and dedicated to advancing the Kingdom of God by being “a Christ-centered community of churches: inviting faith, acting in mercy and cultivating leaders.” 

Rev. Stone’s appointment will begin October 15, 2009.  He will be residing in Edmonton.

Following an extensive and comprehensive time of orientation, visitation and staffed transition, Dennis will assume all duties and responsibilities of our new Alberta Regional Minister in January 2010. 

Executive Minister Jeremy Bell welcomes Dennis as the new Alberta Regional Minister and looks forward to him joining CBWC’s Executive Staff.  Jeremy said that “He has been told that people who know Dennis describe him as optimistic, approachable, supportive, highly relational, reflective, and a great encourager.  He will bring a wealth of experience to the position and a comprehensive knowledge of both rural and urban Alberta. I know that churches, agencies, pastors and lay leaders will appreciate working with Dennis in his new leadership role.”


Canadian Baptists of Western Canada (CBWC) require a Regional Minister (RM) for the Alberta (AB) Region. This full-time, senior position reports directly to the Executive Minister and is a full participant in the Executive Staff. The RM will provide a ministry of spiritual encouragement and support to the 64 churches and ministry agencies and over 160 pastors located in Alberta, in the Peace Country and East Kootenay areas of BC, and in Yellowknife in the NWT. This will involve building working and nurturing relationships with pastoral, local church and denominational leaders. The RM will provide initial pastoral care, ministry consultation and oversight and support of CBWC programs in the AB Region. The RM will also carry at least one CBWC-wide portfolio. Currently this is Pastoral Settlement. 


Responsibilities and duties of the RM include but are not limited to these areas: 

1. To encourage and motivate pastors, church leaders and church congregants to intentionally help their churches to become healthy, caring and missional communities dedicated to inviting faith, acting in mercy and cultivating leaders. 

2. To provide primary pastoral care to pastors without becoming triangulated between pastor(s), church leaders or other congregants. In conflict situations, the RM will help the church leadership seek services and resources to address conflict issues and to facilitate a healthy resolution. 

3. To discern and assess when pastoral care is needed for pastors and their families and as needed to the Director of Clergy Care for resources, assistance and support. 

4. To support and encourage both pastors and church leaders through ministry consultations and resource networking initiatives and programs and by referring them to appropriate CBWC staff (Directors, Consultants, Coordinators, etc.) when specific information, advice, assistance or interventions are required. 

5. To manage the work of the AB Region including working harmoniously and effectively with the Regional Resource Group (ARAG)), Administrative Support Staff and other CBWC staff involved in ministry initiatives and programs within the RM’s jurisdiction. 

6. To coordinate and provide oversight of CBWC ministry agencies and 

CBWC missional networks active in the AB Region. 

7. To provide leadership, planning, implementation and evaluation expertise when major special events and/or gatherings are held within the AB constituency. 

8. To communicate and liaise regularly with CBWC Executive Staff and other CBWC staff and leaders to ensure that the work of the AB Region is advanced within the context