Vol 5 No. 34 Standing Committees

Our new president, Jan Paasuke asked me for a framework, purpose and function description of the committees of the Board and the CBWC.  This is the work that came out of her request.  Many thanks to Shelby Gregg, Brian Stelck and Bill Mains for this work.



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Standing Committees of the Board

1. The Budget Committee is chaired by the Vice-President of Planning. This committee examines the budgets, prepares and presents budgets to the Assembly for the current year (revised) and the next two years (proposed). As well, they present to the Board a balanced budget for the current year.

2.  The Finance and Stewardship Committee is chaired by the Vice-President of Finance. The function of this Committee is to oversee all financial matters of the CBWC, including stewardship matters and to administer the investment of CBWC funds as provided for in the Act of Incorporation.

3. The Audit Committee consists of three Board members. They review internal controls and the audit program of the auditor; they review the annual financial statements of the organization, discuss such statements with the auditor and make recommendations to the Board with respect to such statements and remuneration to be paid for audit services.

4. The Nominations Committee is made up of two non-board member and two board members; it is chaired by the Past President. The nominations committee is responsible to bring forth nominations for vacant positions in the 2011 – 2013 term of the Board to the 2011 Assembly of churches for the delegates to vote on.

5.  The Assembly Program Committee is chaired by the Vice-President of Personnel and Programme and its members are determined by the Board. The Assembly Program Committee plans and executes the program for the Assemblies in 2010 and 2011.

6. The Ministerial Credentials Committee (MCC) consists of the Executive Minister as chair, the Board designated Executive staff members and the Principal/President of Carey Theological College shall be a member of the MCC. A committee of 4 board members oversee

The MCC keeps an updated list of accredited ministers and annually submits a revised list of accredited ministers to the Board. This Committee shall also appoint a standing Disciplinary Review Committee in accordance with the Professional Misconduct Protocol adopted at Banff in 2007 and as subsequently modified. This Committee may appoint sub-committees as required, to deal with all matters respecting ministerial standing that may arise between meetings of the Board and may assign other specific duties to sub-committees. The Executive Minister shall conduct such official correspondence with persons and churches as required under the Ministerial Ordination Standards and Procedures.

7. The Personnel Committee is chaired by the Vice-President of Personnel and Program and is made up of the Executive Minister and the Executive Committee (President and three Vice-Presidents). This committee is tasked with hiring, dealing with grievances of / from and the termination of the Executive Minister and members of the Executive Staff and, in following the staff procedures manual, Administrative and Office Staff.

8. The By-Laws Committee is 3 – 5 board members, currently members in good standing of a CBWC Church.  This Committee advises the Board regarding proposed or required By-Law changes and prepares for presentation to the Assembly Business Meeting such amendments as are to be considered, and further to advise the Board on constitutional matters.