Vol 5 No. 40 I am Thankful

Responses from our Executive Staff and others reflect and are thankful.

From Jeremy:


  • I am thankful that despite our complaining and consumerism we live in one of the most wonderful countries in the world.
  • I am thankful and excited that Dennis Stone and Tom Lavigne have joined our CBWC family.
  • I am thankful for Claire McLean, Joell Haugan, and Nadia VanderKuip that SERVE in Swift Current went so well this summer.


From Ken Nettleton:

  • I am thankful for the great leadership that so many of our congregations have.  In my travels and work I am continually amazed at the leaders that God has raised up in our churches.  Their level of commitment, wisdom and sacrifice – both lay leaders and pastors – is a great reminder to me that God is supplying the needs of our congregations according to His riches.
  • I am thankful for the truths of Scripture that lead us forward in unity together, and that remain the Words of Life for all humanity.  My prayer this Thanksgiving is that we may grow ever more deeply rooted in it, and in our Savior who through the Gospels provides us an understanding of our Heavenly Father.


From Rob Ogilvie:

  • I am thankful for a wonderful summer at Keats camps and a renewed feeling of hope among those involved with the camp. Still many challenges, but hope.
  • The privilege of being able to go around to the churches of the BCY and see firsthand what God is doing and how He is using His people. Often we are quick to share the stories of struggles with one another. Yes, there are struggles, but there is also wonderful exciting ministry happening. Thanks be to God!

From David Holton:

  • “During these economic times, most of our churches are able to sustain their ministries. The Lord is faithful to those that are faithful to His Ministry and may our congregations feel encouraged as we also visualize better times are coming

From John Prociuk:

  • Faithful friends
  • Beauty


From Faye Reynolds:

  • I am grateful for the incredible team of volunteers for Women in Focus that give their weekends to facilitate Gifted and Called Workshops.  Their commitment, competence and love for the ministry is astounding and inspiring.
  • I’m very grateful to be part of a denomination that values and affirms equally the giftedness of men and women to minister where God calls.
  • It is an honour to work with the young leaders of our denomination who have such incredible vision and insight into the work God will do among us.


From Dennis Stone:

  • My wife Anita and I are extremely thankful this holiday season for the recent weddings of two of our children, bringing two wonderful additions into the family.  Another item of thankfulness is the outpouring of affection from our local community as we prepare to relocate to Edmonton.  Precious conversations and clear ministry opportunities are taking place as we wrap up pastoral ministry in Claresholm, AB.”



In Christ,