Vol 6 No. 20 Organizational Charts

This kind of topic has one of three very different reactions attached to it.  Each attitude, while taken by itself is unhealthy, all the different perspectives about engaging or disengaging organizational charts must be held in balance with one another for us to effectively appreciate the order, structure, functionality and consequently the freedom by the Spirit to act into ministry.  I am reminded of C.S. Lewis’ comment at the beginning of Screwtape Letters, when he said that Christians had two very different and equally problematic attitudes towards the devil.  Some ignore him, and others are fixated about him, each to their own peril.  The same is true about organization and order, there are some who are fixated, others who ignore, both do so to their own peril.  The third attitude is that of disengagement, is one of paralysis and is so unhelpful as to conjure up those nasty bits of Scripture that refer to being lukewarm…enough said.

The following chart indicates the profound role and respect that the CBWC functions in when the basis of its order and authority is the assembled churches of the CBWC vesting their voice and authority in representatives from each area.  This authority is only legitimate and sanctioned by all of us when it is done under the authority of Scripture, the consensus of Christ’s Body, the church and in the power of the Spirit.





In Christ,