Vol 6 No. 24 BCY Regional and Assembly CBWC Gathering

June 30 and July 1 mark the days we have set aside for the annual Ordination Examining Council.  More of that next week.

Click on the following to get an idea today of the events for the BCY Regional meetings happening July 1-2 (here) https://www.cbwc.ca/images/images/events/bcy_pastors_insert.pdf and (here) https://www.cbwc.ca/images/images/events/bcy_gathering_brochure.pdf for information on the CBWC Gathering on July 2-4.

The purpose of this newsletter is to let you know of the incredible array of workshops available.  Some are easy to take in, some more complex and challenging.



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Assembly 2010 Workshops

  • Worship:  Our Favourite Myths About Worship

We each have favourite myths about worship — we walk around with them and gather in our churches with them.  Examples:  “what really matters is your heart” or “it’s all about God” or “what I like in worship is irrelevant”.  Join us as we unpack the myths and move towards deeper reality.  (This workshop is not designed specifically for worship planners or musicians, but for worshippers!)

  • Clergy Care:  COME AND HAVE BREAKFAST: Jesus’ ministry to his disciples – then and now

Jesus had a remarkable way of mentoring those who became the first leaders of the early Christian community. This interactive workshop will explore some of those key moments, recorded in the gospels. Together we will discern how those biblical examples translate for pastors and leaders today.

  • Treasurers Workshop

The Treasurer’s Seminar is designed to assist those that are new to the position, to learn the necessary procedures that will ensure they understand their responsibilities as it relates to Payroll, CRA and keeping books and a number of other important items.

  • CARE

At times are you overwhelmed by the needs of your congregation and community? Are you interested in looking at Care Ministry in a more focused context that will address these needs?  We will share with you the key ingredients needed to start a dedicated Care Ministry and the benefits to your church and community.

  • CFAM: Developing Mission Minded Families

Do the families in your church see their neighbourhoods as the places where God has planted them for the advancement of His Kingdom? This workshop will help us to challenge and equip our families to be salt and light and become catalysts for transformation in their neighbourhoods.

  • Refugees

We will be considering two aspects of refugee ministries in which CBWC churches are involved. Refugee Sponsorship:  A live interview Helga Schoeber, who has over 20 years of experience with sponsorship at First Baptist Vancouver.  Refugee Claimants:  Rev. Layne Daggett, Vancouver Airport Chaplain and board member of Kinbrace Community will present Kinbrace’s work in support of claimants.

  • Board/Clergy Relations:  No-Brainer Questions That We Mostly Avoid Asking

Carey has trained nearly 500 congregational Board leaders over the past several years, and the same issues keep rising to the surface, e.g. who’s in charge, what is the Board’s role, what is the difference between congregational government and congregational management.  Join us as we ask the critical/important questions and move towards possible solutions.

  • Gender Issues

At first glance, the title for this seminar / discussion may appear to be about the roles between men and women. This time together goes far beyond that and is concerned primarily with how some of our churches are trying to engage the issue of same gender attraction in the community. There are three contributors to a panel discussion. The first is Clarke Scheibe (L’Abri Fellowship), who will describe the biblical imperatives in this matter. Secondly, we will have 2 pastors describe their churches engagement and journey in this area. This is a time of biblical reflection and sharing journeys. It will be chaired by Jeremy Bell.

  • Mercy and Justice

Many of our church have followed our Lord’s injunction from the Beatitudes and are blessed because we are merciful in response to God’s grace. Much of our mercy in the public sphere is providing clothing, food, and other physical amenities to those in need. That is all well and good but there is also a biblical imperative (MICAH) to combine our mercy with justice which involves looking at the larger issues that cause inequity in the first place. Tim Dickau and friends will help us to understand the different yet complimentary roles of mercy and justice and help us to think and act biblically, theologically, and practically on these matters.

  • Environment:  Workshop Expanded  to a tour of A Rocha Canada and Small Ritual Coffee House.  

Explore and learn about A Rocha Canada at the South Surrey field centre. A Rocha is an international conservation organization working to show God’s love for all creation. Tour the farm, share a meal and engage in lively discussion around sustainable living, community gardens and theology.  For the second part of the tour, enjoy a coffee at Small Ritual Coffee shop, a community initiative of the Church at Southpoint.  Small Ritual Coffee Society is a non-profit, social enterprise located in the South Surrey/White Rock area. Their focus is: to promote ethically sourced premium coffee, to foster community interaction, and to provide a venue for local artists (music, word, visual).  Meet at First Baptist Church, Vancouver at 9:30 am. Ends at Trinity Baptist at 4:30 Cost: $20 Max number of people: 30