Vol 6 No. 25 Ordination Examining Council

Ordination starts in the personal walk of a believer with God.  That walk develops into a call from God, confirmed by the Holy Spirit; tested by Scripture, character, faithfulness and personal circumstance.  The call of God on someone’s life to minister as a “minister of the Gospel” must be scrutinized, discerned, prayed over and confirmed by the local church.  The local church ordains an individual to gospel ministry.  This discerning process is tested again at the mini-semester led by Brian Stelck, Carey Faculty, and CBWC staff.  This discernment process is once again ascertained by the Ordination Examining Council where a congregation speaks/presents a candidate, and representatives from the CBWC family of churches inquire of the candidate on a whole host of issues that are pertinent to the candidate’s ordination statement, personal testimony of faith in the Lord Jesus and spiritual journey and discernment.  Please read the names and pray for those involved in this process this week.



In Christ,




Candidates for Ordination:

David Nacho, Grandview Calvary Baptist, Vancouver, BC

Doug McLellan, White Rock Baptist, White Rock, BC

Wally Pohlmann, Peach Community Church, Taylor, BC

Allan Tam, Grace Community Baptist, Vancouver, BC

Mark Rajan, Grace Community Baptist, Vancouver, BC

Jim Walton, Burnaby North Baptist, Burnaby, BC

Peter Elias, First Baptist, Thompson, MB

Clark Taylor, First Baptist, Penticton, BC

Joy Banks, Grandview Calvary Baptist, Vancouver, BC

Jeremy Keay, First Baptist, Edmonton, AB

Tim Coleman, First Baptist, Kitimat, BC

Shaun Jessop, Gateway Baptist, Victoria, BC


Those for whom we are recognizing Prior Ordination:

Mary Widmer, Southwest Community, Kamloops, BC

Darrell Johnson, First Baptist, Vancouver, BC

Dan Rutherford, Gateway, Victoria, BC


Ordination Examining Council

Wayne Larson, Chair

Doug Johnston, Recording Secretary

Laurie MacKay, BCY Region

Paul Stade, BCY Region

Mary Dyk, BCY Region

Pat Schoenenberger, Alberta Region

Rein Paasuke, Alberta Region

Harriet Mitchell, Alberta Region

Betty Smith, Alberta Region

Mel Konkel, Heartland Region

Randy Stanton, Heartland Region

Ed Neufeld, Heartland Region

Betty Lynn Nylen, Heartland Region

Lou Leventhal, Heartland Region

Greg Anderson, CBWC Board

Glenn Rabuka, CBWC Board

Rob Ogilvie, BCY Regional Minister

Shelby Gregg, Administrative Associate, Vancouver

Monica Hof, BCY Region

Ian Grant, BCY Region

Carol Mager, CBWC Board

Jeremy Bell, CBWC Executive Minister

Brian Stelck, President, Carey Theological College

Dennis Stone, Alberta Regional Minister

Carrie Belter, Administrative Assistant, Heartland Region