Vol 6 No. 29 A Blend of Meetings

There are so many ways to describe the British Columbia Yukon Regional Meetings and the CBWC Gathering held at the beginning of July, that all I could feel, experience or convey was the title you see before you.  Over the next couple of newsletters I will cover the time we spent together.  Today I will concentrate on the meetings themselves and leave the Ordination Examining Council impressions to another week.

The blended meetings were a great idea as a concept, but were difficult to pull off in Vancouver at the beginning of summer.  January in Vancouver maybe, but as I recall the beauty and haunting glory of God’s creation driving across southern Manitoba 5 years ago to attend CBWC meetings, very little compares.  Timing and place were a lesson in themselves, but many wonderful things happened non-the-less.  I want to begin by thanking those who were involved at so many levels:

Dawn Johannesson and Rob Ogilive who headed up, directed, and carried these meetings through to the end.

They were ably helped by those on the Admin staff:  Shelby Gregg, Claudia Wakeman, Naomi Wakeman, Nadia VanderKuip, Carrie Belter;

Executive Staff members:  Dennis Stone, Tom Lavigne, John Prociuk, David Holten, and Jeremy Bell;

CBWC Board Members:  Jan Paasuke, Glenn Rabuka, Carol Mager, and Michael Cantlon;

Folks from First Baptist, Vancouver; Broadmoor Baptist, Richmond; Trinity Baptist, Vancouver; and Grandview Calvary, Vancouver, who graciously hosted us;

and all those who hosted lunches, seminars, workshops and worship, volunteering their time and sharing their gifts with us.

The best way to convey the core of the Gathering is to share the document which Rob shared on Friday night at Broadmoor; new pastors, retiring pastors; well, you’ll see.


New Pastors to the BCY Region

Doug McLellan (White Rock Baptist Church, White Rock, BC)

Gareth Alexander (Southwest Community Baptist Church, Kamloops, BC)

Darrell Johnson (First Baptist Church, Vancouver, BC)

Peter Quek (West Vancouver Baptist Church, West Vancouver, BC)

Matt Dykstra (Summerland Baptist Church, Summerland, B.C.)

Craig Thomas (Westwood Community Baptist Church, Coquitlam, BC)

Mary Widmer (Southwest Community Baptist Church, Kamloops, BC)

Greg Duskin (Keats Camps, Keats Island, BC)

Kimberley Orton (First Baptist Church, Prince George, BC)

Hizon Cau (Greenhills Christian Community Fellowship, Vancouver, BC)

Vanlal Siama, Ceu Hrin, Cung Boi Thawng (Vancouver Chinese Baptist Church, Vancouver, BC)

Joshua Wang (Chinese Congregation, Emmanuel Baptist Church, Victoria, BC)

John Thwaites (The Forge (Church), Victoria, BC)

Laura Nelson (Olivet Baptist Church, New Westminister, BC)

Paddy Ducklow (Carey Centre, Vancouver, BC)

Mike Laurie Summerland Baptist Church, Summerland, B.C.)

Janet MacPhee (Emmaus Community Church, Burnaby, BC)

Shane Woodlief (New Life Community Baptist Church, Duncan, BC)

Jim French (Mackenzie Baptist Church, Mackenzie,BC)

Laurie MacKay (First Baptist Church, Vernon, BC)

Joy Banks (MM, (Grandview Calvary Church, Vancouver, BC)

Peter Anderson (West Point Grey Baptist Church, Vancouver, BC)

Ken Wettlaufer (Westwood Community Baptist Church, Coquitlam. BC)

Steve Bradley (Mustard Seed Street Ministry, Victoria, BC)

John Rankin (Peachland Baptist Church, Peachland, BC)

Candace and David Stirling (Bethel-1st Baptist Church, Prince Rupert, BC)

Bobbi Salkeld (Kitsilano Christian Community Church, Vancouver, BC)

Chuck French (First Baptist Church, Victoria, BC)

Dennis Webster (Riverside Community Church, Prince George, BC)

Matt Kitchener (West Point Grey Baptist Church, Vancouver, BC)

Dan Rutherford (Gateway Baptist Church, Victoria, BC)

Luz Figueroa (First Baptist Church, Vancouver, BC)

Guojon Zhao & Ruth Wang (University Chapel Baptist Church, Vancouver, BC)


New Pastors in the Heartland Region

Adam Driscoll (First Baptist Church, Moose Jaw, SK)

Chris Senger (Katepwa Baptist Kamp, Fort Qu’Appel, SK)

Jared Nerenberg (Fairmont Baptist Church, Saskatoon, SK)

Brandon Milan (First Baptist Church, Prince Albert, SK)

Brad Warkentin (Trinity Baptist Church, Winnipeg, MB)

Michael Thom (Willowlake Baptist Church, Winnipeg, MB)

Keith Needham (Emerson Baptist Church, Emerson, MB)

Bill Luther (Ormiston Baptist Church, Ormiston, SK)

Darren Andres (Westhill Park Baptist Church, Regina, SK)


New Pastors to the AB Region

Lynette McElheran (Trinity Baptist Church, Sherwood Park, AB)

Keith Thompson (First Baptist Church, Dawson Creek, BC)

Linda Collin (Braemar Baptist Church, Edmonton, AB)

Lisa Watts (Leduc Community Baptist Church, Leduc, AB)

Virgel and Tracy Sutherland (Fort Saskatchewan Community Baptist Church, Fort Saskatchewan, AB)

David Richardson (First Baptist Church, Red Deer, AB)

Craig Traynor (Zion Baptist Church, Edmonton, AB)

Anne Bellamy (First Baptist Church, Edmonton, AB)

Myles Conway (Brightview Baptist Church, Wetaskiwin, AB)

Tana Clark (First Baptist Church, Edmonton, AB)


New Churches in the CBWC

Emmaus Community Fellowship, Burnaby, BC, ~ Janet MacPhee

Greenhills Community Christian Fellowship, Vancouver, BC ~ Hizon Cau

Peninsula Community Church, Sidney, BC ~ Travis Stewart

Riverside Community Church, Prince George, BC ~ Dennis Webster

God’s House of Many Faces, Vancouver, BC ~ Jodi Spargur

University Chapel Baptist Church, Vancouver, BC ~ Ruth Wang and Guojon Zhao

Awaken, Calgary, AB ~ Scott Cripps

Bridgepointe, Edmonton, AB ~ Dan Taylor, J.B. Crocker

Brooks International Gospel, Brooks, AB ~ Maureen Chelemu

Crossover, AB ~ Yoichi Taniguchi

Faith Evangelical Mission Church, Winnipeg, MB ~ Joseph Kibwaa

GoodTree Christian Fellowship, Calgary, AB ~ John Huh

Greenhills Community Christian Fellowship, Calgary, AB ~ Cliff Gonzales

Greenhills Community Christian Fellowship, Winnipeg, MB ~ Reymus Cagampan

The Well Community Church, Lethbridge, AB ~ Patrick Hazelwood

VantagePoint Community Church, Edmonton, AB ~ Garry Mullen


Ordinands 2010:  

Clark Taylor (First Baptist Church, Penticton, BC)

Joy Banks (Grandview Calvary Church, Vancouver, BC)

David Nacho (Grandview Calvary Church, Vancouver, BC)

Doug McLellan (White Rock Baptist Church, White Rock, BC)

Tim Coleman (First Baptist Church, Kitimat, BC)

Shaun Jessop (Gateway Baptist Church, Victoria, BC)

Allan Tam (Grace Community Church, Vancouver, BC)

Mark Rajan (Grace Community Church, Vancouver, BC)

Jim Walton (Burnaby North Baptist Church, Burnaby, BC)

Wally Pohlmann (Peace Community, Taylor, BC)

Jeremy Keay (First Baptist Church, Edmonton, AB)

Peter Elias (First Baptist Church, Thompson, MB)


Recognition for Prior Ordination 2010:  

Dan Rutherford (Gateway Baptist Church, Victoria, BC)

Mary Widmer (Southwest Community Baptist Church, Kamloops, BC)

Darrell Johnson (First Baptist Church, Vancouver, BC)


Retired Pastors:  Layne Daggett, Doug Johnston, Gordon Patterson

Deaths:  Arthur Willis, Ian Hind, Howard Bentall, Rowland Hill, Sheila Buchanan, Doug Spinney, Alvin Buhler, Robert Ball, Perry Chernesky, Stewart Liddell


In Christ,