Vol 6 No. 3 Children and Families Ministries

Dear Folks,

I want to honour in our midst and give thanks to God on your behalf, the work of the Children and Families Group in the denomination.  This committee is chaired by Sherry Bennett and includes: BC Interior & North Area Coordinators:  Sue Julien & Pam Borchert, Alberta Area Coordinator: Dawn Medgett, Heartland Area Coordinator: Mandi Hecht, and Linda Adrian.

The hands and feet of this work are the literally thousands of volunteer and paid Sunday School teachers, parents, supporters and church commissions that are committed to the well-being and life of children and families in our denomination.  The hands and feet, voice and breath of C-Fam and the denomination are undertaken by Mandi Hecht (who is now on maternity leave 3.  Mandi Congratulations!),  Dawn Medgett, Pam Borchert and Sue Julien.  The best way to understand the ministry world of these individuals is to read their reports.  Just below, you will find the links for these for your perusal, interest and prayer.


Thanks be to God for his amazing work amongst us.



In Christ,