Vol 6 No 31 Folks to Pray For

I know many of you pray for those who serve us on boards and staff.  Thank you so much for those prayers, encouragement and support.  Below is an updated version of those with us in our work together as a family of churches in the Canadian Baptists of Western Canada.


In Christ,



CBWC Board Members:

Jan Paasuke President

Greg Anderson VP Finance

Glenn Rabuka VP Personnel and Programme

Carol Mager VP Planning

Devin Seghers Heartland Region

Mary Stuber Doerksen Heartland Region

Mike Cantlon Heartland Region

Tim Kerber Alberta Region

Betty Smith Alberta Region

Donna Orr Alberta Region

Connie Cristall BCY Region

Jim Galbraith BCY Region

Al Grochowski BCY Region


CBWC Staff Members:


Jeremy Bell Executive Minister

Bob Webber Director of Ministry

Ken Thiessen Heartland Regional Minister

Dennis Stone Alberta Regional Minister

Rob Ogilvie BCY Regional Minister

Tom Lavigne Church Planting

John Prociuk Director of Clergy Care

Faye Reynolds Women in Focus and IMC Cluster

Lynn and Larry Pearce Coordinators, Refugee and Uprooted People Issues

David Holten Director Administration and Finances

Brian Stelck Carey Theological College President

Stu Dinsmore CBWC Foundation President

Dave Watt CBWC Foundation Board Chair

Shelby Gregg Admin Support, Vancouver Office

Liz Walker Admin Support, Calgary Office, Support Bookings

Colleen Schneider Calgary Office Manager and Pensions and Benefits

Rod Olsen Urban Camping and Rocky Mountain College

Claire McLean Youth Ministries

Sherry Bennett Children and Families Ministries

Ceal McLean Writer and Web Editor

Nadia VanderKuip Short Term Ministries

Sam Chaise Newly Appointed CBM General Secretary