Vol 6 No. 35 Praying for Staff Part II

Dear Folks,


Whenever something is drawn to my attention that is amiss, my first response is often to explain, which I’ve come to understand in many circumstances, is just a form of defensiveness.  This defensiveness takes away from a fulsome and unequivocal apology.  That apology takes the form of deeply regretting that when I revised the original prayer list for Executive Staff and began to broaden it, I did not broaden it completely to include people who are essential to our life, well-being and community.  Some of these people pray for us and care for us pastorally, like Dawn Johannesson.  Some of these people are the face and voice of justice for us like the Pearces.  Some answer questions in our hours of need…you begin to understand.  You will discover the names of these people, which were not included in my original list.  My only hope is that fewer people read our newsletters in the summer and that those I missed in my original newsletter will know that it was a sin of omission not of commission, and that while the Lord knows their work in secret, I want from the hilltops, everyone to know the value of their work; to me, to the CBWC family and to the Lord’s work in Western Canada.


Thanks so much.



In Christ,




CBWC Board Members:  


Jan Paasuke President
Greg Anderson VP Finance
Glenn Rabuka VP Personnel and Programme
Carol Mager VP Planning
Devin Seghers Heartland Region
Mary Stuber Doerksen Heartland Region
Mike Cantlon Heartland Region
Tim Kerber Alberta Region
Betty Smith Alberta Region
Donna Orr Alberta Region
Connie Cristall BCY Region
Jim Galbraith BCY Region
Al Grochowski BCY Region
CBWC Staff Members:  


Jeremy Bell Executive Minister
Bob Webber Director of Ministry
Rob Ogilvie BCY Regional Minister
Dennis Stone Alberta Regional Minister, Interim Heartland
John Prociuk Director of Clergy Care, Interim Heartland
Tom Lavigne Church Planting
Faye Reynolds Women in Focus and IMC Cluster
Lynn and Larry Pearce Coordinators, Refugee and Uprooted People Issues
David Holten Director, Administration and Finances
Brian Stelck Carey Theological College President
Stu Dinsmore CBWC Foundation President
Dave Watt CBWC Foundation Board Chair
Rod Olson Urban Camping, Rocky Mountain College
Claire McLean Youth Ministries
Sherry Bennett Children and Families Ministries
Nadia VanderKuip Short Term Ministries, Interim Admin Assistant, Vancouver Office
  Sam Chaise Newly Appointed CBM General Secretary
Calgary Office:  
Colleen Schneider Office Manager, Pensions and Benefits
Liz Swab (Walker) Admin Associate and Office Resourcing
Ingrid Bakken Administration
Julia Hamilton Admin Assistant and Financial Services
Regional Offices:  
Dawn Johannesson Admin Assistant, BCY Regional
Carrie Belter Admin Assistant, Heartland Regional
Sharon Onciul Admin Assistant, Alberta Regional
Vancouver Office:  
Shelby Gregg Admin Associate
Claudia Wakeman Admin Associate
Naomi Wakeman Admin Assistant
Ceal McLean Writer and Web Manager
Brandon Webber Webmaster