Vol 6 No. 37 Banff Pastors and Spouses Conference

Dear Folks,


One of the most important events in the lives of pastors in the CBWC is the yearly Banff conference.  This particular conference has several streams to choose from; all include complete and utter Sabbath.

  • Bible Study focus, led by Dr. Barbara Mutch, on “Jeremiah and the Paschal Shape of Pastoral Speech”.
  • A theme of personal renewal and development led by Dr. Paddy Ducklow, entitled, “Friendship for a New kind of Christian”.
  • Sessions with Rev. Darrell Johnson, on “Doing Gospel Ministry When Your Own World is Falling Apart”.
  • Challenging seminars that include topics such as:  the joys of mentoring, discovering and encouraging distinctive spiritual temperaments, contemplative prayer, boundaries in Christian ministry, and discussions around challenging issues.

Canadian Baptists of Western Canada Foundation has very kindly made available some funds for subsidizing the cost of the conference to make it more accessible.  Please speak to David Holten, dholten@cbwc.ca to receive more information and assistance.

This year represents such a significant opportunity because of the unusual financial assistance available and the incredibly giftedness of the speakers, that I am tempted to burst into song from Handel’s Messiah, “Great is the company of the preachers”, but I shall resist.  I have often found, in the roles I share with other staff, that the conference is intense and a lot of work, yet it is worth every blessed moment.  We already have far more registrants then we did this time last year, please be encouraged to attend.


Yours in Christ,

Jeremy Bell