Vol 6 No. 4 Haiti and Mosaic

Three brief, but very important things this week.

First, an apology (which was not asked for, but is very important to offer) to the very gifted folk at Children and Families’ ministry.  I published in my newsletter last week our internal reports from the ministry.  I did not check with them and did not ask them to go over their work.  I am very sorry; it would drive me stark raving mad if someone did that to me.  I’ll let CFAM’s excellent material come through them in the future and am sorry for any concern it may have caused.

Secondly, the incredible devastation that has occurred in Haiti has been felt all over the world and particularly amongst the Haitian community in Canada. My brother-in-law, Uriel Pierre, married to my sister Jennifer, is from Haiti and has an uncle, aunt and cousins who are safe.  Carmen MacMillan is coordinating aspects of the CBM response; Gord King in Sharing Way has obtained matching funds from CEDA.  The contact numbers from CBM are:

online: https://www.cbmin.org/cbm/donate

by mail send cheques to:
Canadian Baptist Ministries, 7185 Millcreek Drive, Mississauga, ON L5N 5R4

Or by phone: (905) 821-3533

Lastly, I have been carrying around CBM’s magazine MOSAIC from Summer 2009, meaning to write about it, encouraging us all to receive it or read it online at http://www.cbmin.org/cbm/mosaic

Jennifer Lau is the Managing Editor and creative genius around CBM communications.  The Editor is Laurena Zondo and Associate Editor is Giselle Culver.  The graphics and “production values” are outstanding; see page 11 and the flower in the pop can; the “CBM Year in Review” is essential reading; and there are articles on children, living out integral mission and on high school activism.  Encouraging, clever, and compelling work.  To order: mosaic@cbmin.org





In Christ,