Vol 6 No. 44 New Interim Youth Director

Dear Folks,


This is Claire McLean’s last report as Interim Youth Director.  It includes an intro to Peter Anderson, from West Point Grey Baptist Church who is our new Interim Youth Director for a 6 month term.

Bless you Claire in the time ahead.  Thanks be to God for you, for Peter and for West Point Grey Baptist Church who has freed Peter up to take this position.



In Christ,





29th October, 2010

Hello friends,

This annual Fall mailing containing information and Registration Forms for next summer’s SERVE project also contains news of change.  After two years in the Interim Youth Director position with the denomination I am moving on and for the next few months Peter Anderson will be your CBWC contact for matters pertaining to Youth Ministry.

Peter is originally from the United States.  He has a heart for Jesus, which translates into a passion for discipling youth and a desire for others to know the joy of Christ in their lives.  Peter holds an MDiv from Regent College and will function part time as the Youth Co-ordinator for the denomination.  His role with the CBWC will be in addition to his responsibilities as the Youth Pastor at West Point Grey Baptist Church in Vancouver, BC.  He can be contacted via email (youth@cbwc.ca) or on his cell phone (604.340.2801).  He will also receive messages left for him at the Vancouver Office (604.225.5916).  Some of you may already know Peter from SERVE.  For the past couple of years the youth at West Point Grey have led Day Camps in Herbert and Flin Flon, so Peter is well equipped to answer questions you have about this project.

Speaking of SERVE…we are already excited for next year’s project.  Kitimat, BC will see an influx of our youth during the week of 10-16 July.  Plans are already being made by the folks at Kitimat First Baptist to host groups that come.  Two possible work projects currently being explored that are worthy of mention include: partnering with the local First Nations Community in Kitimat Village; and helping to restore facilities and equipment at a Christian Summer Camp near Terrace (just north of Kitimat).  If you have questions about work projects for SERVE, or the area of Kitimat, the best person to answer your questions is Tim Coleman.

Tim is the Youth and Families Pastor in Kitimat (pastortim@telus.net).  Tim will be working closely with the Youth Leadership Team (under the direction of Peter) to oversee the whole event.  Our speaker is yet to be confirmed, but we are happy to announce that Fraser Campbell and band have already committed to lead worship during our evening sessions.  Peter is available to answer general questions about SERVE and to receive Bursary Applications.  As was the case last year, a limited number of bursaries are available.  Please note the deadline for applying for a bursary is significantly earlier than the registration deadline.  Registrations will be received through the Calgary Office, so questions concerning payment or submission of forms should be addressed to Liz Swab (lswab@cbwc.ca).  Of course all this information is laid out in this package and is available on the Youth Website (www.cbwcyouth.ca).

All that’s left for me to do is to wish you well in your ministries.  It has been a pleasure to work with the gifted and committed people who are the youth leaders in our churches.  I will miss you!


Claire McLean

Interim Youth Director, CBWC