Vol 6 No. 49 Prayer of Remembrance

Dear Folks,

Part I:

Three times a year I travel on behalf of the CBM partners as CBM’s appointment to the committee on military chaplaincy.  I have explained that elsewhere so I will not expand on that now, except to tell you one brief story.

I went to Borden, Ontario this week to a committee meeting and to encourage two Baptist chaplains who graduated today, December 8:  Steve Neil and Troy Irwin.  The meeting was held in Trinity Protestant Chapel.  During a break I wandered into the church and came upon a memorial wall of photographs of those soldiers who have been killed in the war in Afghanistan.  There are over 155 of them and as I saw them en masse I realized that they would fill over two thirds of the space in the church.  There is so much I could say, recalling what I felt as I imagined them fully alive with family and friends, but this I remember, this I ask of you…

Remember this Christmas:

– the fallen

-the friends, family and loved ones; for this very Christmas is reopening a wound

-give thanks for our freedom

-pray for those living in the culture of war

Part II:

The Christmas Imperatives for each of us and our churches.

May we be individuals and churches of worship; that worship of the living God and of the Christ child at His birth be what infuses and informs our season.  Remember Christmas Eve is the most important and significant opportunity of welcome and worship in the entire year.

May we be people of welcome of one another in reconciliation and thankfulness of the stranger and of the community in general whether we know them or not.

May we be people of service in whatever circumstances are needed and in whatever ways we are called.

May we be people and churches that graciously share the gift of Jesus with all who seek him; attentive to the Spirit and open to the searching and questions of seekers.

Worship, welcome, service and sharing; each marks of a Christian, Christ’s church and this season.



In Christ,