Vol 6 No. 5 Mini Semester

Each year the CBWC family of churches gathers together all those who have been set aside by their churches for ordination.  ORDINATION IS A LOCAL CHURCH RESPONSIBILITY, HOWEVER regional church clusters and denominational groups participate in the educating, providing of resources, framing and discernment process.

This year’s gathering of “ordinands” (those who are candidates for ministry) also include those whose ordination is being recognized from other churches.  Those churches can include but are not limited to Baptist World Alliance denominations, Salvation Army, Alliance, Evangelical Free and some forms of Mennonite.

The time together has at its core an opportunity for those present to share and get feedback on their ordination paper prepared for presentation at this year’s ordination examining council.  That council will be held at the British Columbia Assembly/CBWC Gathering (June 30- July 4) in Vancouver.

The second part of the mini semester is providing resources through various speakers.  This year’s speakers included:

Paddy Ducklow Pastoral Care and Boundaries

Jonathan Wilson Theological Reflection: Discussion of Contemporary Theological Issues

Axel Schoeber The Meaning of Ordination

John Prociuk Clergy Care

Jeremy Bell Introduction to the Denomination

Brian Stelck chairs, mentors and cares for those in the process for which we are all extremely thankful.


The mini semester participants this year are:


Aaron Nhlazane, Roseau River Baptist Church, Roseau River, Manitoba

Allan Tam, Grace Community Baptist Church, Vancouver, B.C.

Clark Taylor, First Baptist Church, Penticton, B.C.

Dan Rutherford, Gateway Baptist Church, Victoria, B.C.

Darrell Johnson, First Baptist Church, Vancouver, B.C.

David Nacho, Grandview Calvary Baptist Church, Vancouver, B.C., in conjunction with CBM

Doug McLellan, White Rock Baptist Church, White Rock, B.C.

Jeremy Keay, First Baptist Church, Edmonton, Alberta

Jim Walton, Burnaby North Baptist Church, Burnaby, B.C.

Joy Banks, Grandview Calvary Baptist Church, Vancouver, B.C.

Mark Rajan, Grace Community Baptist Church, Vancouver, B.C.

Mary Widmer, Southwest Community Baptist Church, Kamloops, B.C.

Peter Elias, First Baptist Church, Thompson, Manitoba

Shaun Jessop, Gateway Baptist Church, Victoria, B.C.

Tim Coleman, First Baptist Church, Kitimat, B.C.

Travis Stewart, Peninsula Mission, Sidney. B. C.

Wally Pohlmann, Peace Community Church, Taylor, B.C.



In Christ,