Vol 6 No. 50 In Thanksgiving

Dear Folks,


As we close this year I cannot help but recall God’s faithfulness to us all.  There are those that have been called elsewhere or simply moved on, there are ministries that have grown, changed or evolved, there are ways that the Lord is still working that we have no idea what the outcomes will be, but thankful we are.

I want to begin this newsletter of thanksgiving at the end of the year by remarking on the faithfulness of God simply because, as we have often remarked together, that the faithfulness of God is also a reminder that we can expect that He will continue to be so.  Please join me in join me in giving thanks for the following:

  • Gary Nelson, our former CBM General Secretary who moved to Tyndale College and Seminary
  • Sam Chaise who become the new CBM General Secretary, for Sam in the loss of his dad and for Sam and Cindy as they adjust to Toronto.
  • Thank you for Heather Thomson’s leading of our first celebration of Ministry dinner at Trinity Baptist in Vancouver with over 19 churches represented.
  • Thanksgiving that Keats Camps, despite many setbacks and a deep pruning, have begun to see a growth in their ministry and the faithfulness of God in new funds.
  • Thanksgiving for the work of Jeff Dyer at Gull Lake and blessings on Steve Roadhouse as he has so ably taken over.
  • Great appreciation for all those who organized and participated in Banff’s Pastors Conference, our largest in years.  Thanks for Darrell Johnson, Barbara Mutch and Paddy Ducklow for their wonderful sessions.
  • Thanksgiving for the new Partnership and Possibilities brochure which has enlivened and empowered many of our CBWC family in understanding the great breadth of ministry we are involved in.
  • Our blessings and prayers for Claire McLean as she ends her interim leadership of youth in the CBWC and awaits work in International Disaster Relief.
  • For Dennis and Judy Shierman as they move to join CBM in Ontario.
  • Prayer for Ken Thiessen as he ceases to be the Heartland Regional Minister and continues in his own work.
  • A welcome to Peter Anderson as our new interim youth leader.
  • Thanks for Serve 2010 where a number of young people from several of our churches worked in Flin Flon, Manitoba
  • Thanks to Jan Paasuke, the President of our Board, who leads and encourages us in many, many ways.
  • Prayers for Jonathan Wilson (Pioneer McDonald Professor of Theology at Carey Theological College) whose wife, Marti passed away in the fall.
  • For John Prociuk as he ceases to be clergy care coordinator and begins contract work with CBM
  • Thanksgiving for Nadia VanderKuip leading Short Term Missions which grew from 140+ to just shy of 200.
  • Great encouragement at the quality of community and service that Rod Olson is leading with our students at Rocky Mountain College in Calgary.
  • Thanksgiving for Tom Lavigne’s leadership in church planting initiatives which have grown so tremendously this year.
  • I would be remiss in not including on your behalf a great appreciation and thanksgiving for all the CBWC Board and staff and all those who are members of committees and networks in this family of churches.

Early in the New Year I will continue in the spirit and reality of thanksgiving, but will stop for now.


In Christ,