Vol 6 No. 52 Heartland Regional Minister Search Process

Dear Folks,

It is important for us to share as a family of churches how we go about making appointments to positions that become open in the CBWC.  I want the process to be open for all to know about it and transparent to scrutiny and input.  It is also important so that people can pray for the process as it unfolds.

The following represents in outline form what is occurring in the Heartland Position Search.  This pattern is generally applicable to any executive staff searches.

  • Ken Thiessen resigned at the end of July and over the next several weeks, terms that were mutually acceptable were agreed to.
  • The Vice President of Personnel and Program, Glenn Rabuka, informed the CBWC Board that a search was underway for a new Heartland Regional Minister. He circulated the general job description for comment and input from the Executive Staff and the CBWC Board and it was approved.
  • Bill Mains was appointed to be the Search Coordinator.  Bill has extensive ministry experience in the CBWC as President of the Board and as Director of Ministry as well as wide experience in human resources as Deputy Superintendent of Schools in Prince George.  Bill circulated a draft ad for comment from Board and staff and then placed the ad in national Christian publications.  Included in the ad was an application closing date for January 7, 2011.
  • Glenn and Jan Paasuke, our President , have struck the basic core of the Search Committee; this includes Glenn, Jan, Jeremy Bell, the three Heartland Board representatives with the ability to add.
  • Interviews will be conducted with those individuals deemed appropriate for the position in late January.
  • The Search Committee’s recommendation will be voted on by the Board with an appointment to be subsequently made.
  • Negotations for a start date will commence in early February, Lord willing.

Please pray for all those involved in the process.

Please pray that we will continue to work out an evolving, responsive, and pastoral role for the new Heartland Regional Minister.

Please give thanks and pray for Dennis Stone and Sharon Onciul who are helping in the Heartland in the interim.



In Christ,