Vol 7 No. 10 Time for Reflection and Prayer

Dear Folks,

Today we want to engage in a time of reflection and time of prayer. We do this about once a quarter, and I know that there are many that benefit from hearing some of the things we are concerned about.

  • We give thanks for Jan Paasuke and her leadership as president of the CBWC.
  • Pray for the Board meeting of the CBWC this Saturday 12 March, and particularly for safe travel for those board folk coming from a distance.  Just reminder: here are the members of the board.
    • Jan Paasuke, President
    • Glenn Rabuka, VP Personnel and Programme
    • Greg Anderson, VP Finance
    • Carol Mager, VP Planning
    • Devin Seghers, Heartland
    • Mary Stuber Doerksen, Heartland
    • Michael Cantlon, Heartland
    • Tim Kerber, Alberta
    • Betty Smith, Alberta
    • Donna Orr, Alberta
    • Al Grochowski, BCY
    • Jim Galbraith, BCY
    • Mary Dyk, BCY
  • We give thanks that through the prayerful work of the Heartland Regional Minister Search Committee (Bill Mains, Jan Paasuke, Glenn Rabuka, Pat Flaten, Joell Haugan, Michael Cantlon, Rob Ogilvie, Shelby Gregg and myself) and through the diligent managing of the process by Bill Mains, the CBWC Board received a recommendation last week. The Board unanimously affirmed the recommendation and the candidate has accepted. The new Heartland Regional Minister’s church will be informed this Sunday and an announcement will be made next week.
  • Please pray for David Holten, as he transitions from being our leader in the finance and administration; David and Glenys will be taking a three month long holiday and David will continue with us two days a week in continuing to develop and resource churches, with whom he has such a strong relationship and dedication to ministry.
  • Please pray for the transition period of the Heartland Regional Minister. We give thanks for Dennis Stone, as he has been involved in this interim ministry.
  • We pray for the process of appointment of the Heartland Regional Administrative Assistant. We give thanks for Sharon Onciul, who has been involved in this interim ministry.
  • Please join me in giving thanks for Heather Thomson and Bob Webber and their work with the Celebration Dinners
  • Please pray for the Celebration Dinners, which will be held:
    • 14 March in Saskatoon, SK
    • 15 March in Regina, SK
    • 28 March in Victoria, BC
  • Following this letter is a sample order for the evening. Notice its clarity, tight organization and sense of sharing the news of the family that pervades the time. I am very much looking forward to being in Saskatchewan this week.
  • Please pray for the Executive Staff as they meet next Wednesday 16 March and Thursday 17 March.
  • Please pray for Assembly on 28 – 30 April 2011. We give thanks for preparatory work done by several people including Glenn Rabuka, Jan Paasuke, David Holten, Liz Swab, Colleen Schneider, Shelby Gregg, Tim Kerber, and Bob Webber, amongst many other.
  • Please pray for Marva Dawn, who is our speaker, and that we would be open to the spirit.
  • Pray for the candidates who will be at the Ordination Examining Council on Thursday, April 28.
    • Peter Ma, McLaurin Baptist church, Grande Prairie, AB
    • Laurie MacKay, First Baptist Church, Vernon, BC
    • Hati Myundura, First Baptist Church, Vancouver, BC
    • Aaron Nhlazane, Roseau River Baptist Church, Roseau River, MB
    • Wendy Thom, shoal Lake Baptist Church, Shoal Lake, MB
    • Ken Wettlaufer, Westwood Community Baptist church, Coquitlam, BC



In Christ,




Celebration of Ministry Dinner
Argyle Road Baptist Church – Regina
March 15, 2011

Welcome & Opening Comments & Blessing
Bob Webber – Director of Ministry 6:30pm

Dinner 6:35pm

Jeremy Bell  7:20pm
CBWC – Executive Minister

Nadia VanderKuip  7:24pm
Short Term Missions Coordinator

Chris Senger  7:28pm
Executive Director- Katepwa Baptist Kamp

                                                    TABLE DISCUSSIONS – 15 MINUTES 7:32pm

Faye Reynolds
Director of Women & Intergenerational Ministries 7:47pm

Dennis Stone  7:51pm
Heartland Interim Regional Minister

Tom Lavigne  7:55pm
Director of Church Planting

                                                    TABLE DISCUSSIONS – 15 MINUTES 8:03pm

Stu Dinsmore  8:18pm
VP Operations – CBWC Foundation

Nadia VanderKuip 8:22pm
Carey Theological College

Gerry Fisher  8:26pm
VP – Stewardship & Development

Bob Webber   8:31pm
Director of Ministry
Closing Remarks End @ 8:45pm