Vol 7 No. 14 Assembly 2011 and Related Prayer

Dear Folks,

I wanted to share some items for prayer, especially as we approach Assembly.

  • Please pray for David Holten as we give thanks for his 22 of service as he transitions to new ministries including resourcing churches
  • Prayer for David Connop as he chairs` the Communication and Stewardship Committee
  • Prayer for Sam Breakey who ends his time as Executive Director of the Edmonton Mustard Seed
  • Please give thanks for Joyce Bellous who is the interim Executive Director of the Edmonton Mustard Seed
  • Marva Dawn is our Assembly speaker; please pray Marva retains her health as she prepares
  • Pray for Bruce Milne as he leads the Bible Studies
  • Please pray for the Carey Centre as they do searches for a New Testament professor and a Registrar position
  • Give thanks for Jan Paasuke, Glenn Rabuka, Tim Kerber, David Holten, Bob Webber, Liz Swab, Colleen Schneider, Shelby Gregg as they plan assembly
  • Please pray for safety in travel for those attending Assembly
  • Please pray for those who are still considering coming to Assembly that we might have a good attendance
  • Pray for those leading worship: Westview Worship Band, Calgary; Russ Rosen Band, Langley; Brandon and Leah Milan, Prince Albert; Back Porch Gospel Band, Summerland
  • Please pray for our Workshop leaders:  Barbara Mutch, Healthy Spiritual Formation; Callum Jones, Healthy Baptist Identity through Identity; Jeremy Bell, Lou Leventhal, Clark Scheibe, and Monica Hof, Same Gender Attraction; David Holten and Bob Webber, Healthy Stewardship: Developing Good Habits; Devin Seghers, Jodi Spargur, Sean Cruikshank, Healthy Relationships with First Nations; Markku Kostamo, Healthy Environment: The A Rocha Story; Marva Dawn, Walking with Those Who Suffer; Brett Ziegler, Visual and Aural Techniques for Worship; Russ Rosen, Creative Expressions: An Act of Faith and Songwriting; Sandy Rosen, Dance; Rochelle Sato, Women in Focus- Secret Bereavement; Pam Borchert, Communication Matters:  God Speaks into our Relationships; Gerry Fisher, Legacy for Ministry; Jan Paasuke, The Blank Page: Conversations about CBWC Revitalization; Nadia VanderKuip, Short Term Missions: Getting Connected; Lynn and Larry Pearce, Homelessness:  Affordable Housing – Three Perspectives; Scott Cripps, Community Ventures:  Meeting Community Needs; Dan Gow, Sexual Addictions; Bob Webber, Camping.
  • Pray for the 16 new churches being welcomed at Assembly this year: Awaken, Calgary; Bridgepointe, Edmonton; Brooks Int’l Gospel Church, Brooks; Crossover, Calgary; Emmaus Christian, Burnaby; Goodtree, Calgary; Greenhills Christian Fellowship, Calgary; Greenhills Christian Fellowship, Vancouver; Greenhills Christian Fellowship, Winnipeg; Peninsula Mission, Victoria; Riverside, Prince George; Southgate, Calgary; God’s House of Many Faces, Vancouver; The Well, Lethbridge, University Campus Baptist Church, Vancouver; VantagePoint, Edmonton



In Christ,