Vol 7 No. 15 A Whole Neighbourhood of Ministry Partnerships

Dear Folks,


Last September, as we began to examine what we believe God has called us to in ministry and in the CBWC, we started to collate all the different ministry partnerships we had in our midst. Just for starters, we thought of children and families, church planting, regional leadership teams, and our camping and educational partners.  Then we started to realize there were a lot more partnerships than we thought. We decided that we would identify each ministry partnership, and capture


1.       It’s mandate for ministry

2.       Those who are leading it

3.       Those that the ministry was intended to serve

4.       Selection, renewal and orientation of prospective leadership members

5.       All the financial implications that are part of the ministry

Bob Webber, our Director of Ministries, with the help of Naomi Wakeman, is capturing these areas of work. My friends, we have over 55 ministry partnerships, some more involved than others.  Please see the list below. Please do two things with this list. Pray for those ministry partnerships that are listed here and secondly, give thanks for the remarkable things that we are doing as churches with and through each other.

Just remember; a neighbourhood of partnerships, a world of possibilities.



In Christ,





  1. Executive Staff
  2. Ministerial Credentials Committee
  3. Banff Pastors Program
  4. Office Management 
  5. Assembly Committee
  6. Banff Pastors’ Committee
  7. Administrative Cabinet 
  8. CBM Pension and Insurance Committee
  9. Liability Risk Management
  10. Archives 
  11. Senior Staff
  12. Human Resources and Staff Reviews 
  13. Opportunity Grants
  14. Mediation 
  15. Church Planting
  16. British Columbia Resource Team
  17. Pastoral Care
  18. Youth/Youth Leadership Team 
  19. Short Term Ministries 
  20. Women in Focus 
  21. Children and Families 
  22. Urban Camping 
  23. Ordination Mini-Semester 
  24. Ordination Examining Council 
  25. Bearer of the Constitution and Standards manuals
  26. Placement
  27. Alberta Resource Team
  28. Heartland Resource Team 
  29. Church Health
  30. Communications and Stewardship 
    1. Website Committee 
  31. Camping Committee
  32. Camps
    1. Quest
    2. Pelican Lake 
    3. Sylvan Acres
    4. Gull Lake 
    5. Mill Creek
    6. Keats
    7. Wapiti 
    8. Katepwa 


  1. Refugees and Uprooted Peoples
  2. Evangelism 


Education Partners

  1. Education – Carey 
  2. Education – Rocky Mountain College 


CBWC Foundation

  1. CBWC – Foundation 


CBWC Board

  1. CBWC Board 
  2. CBWC Executive (Table Officers) 
  3. Assembly Planning Committee  
  4. Finance Committee 
  5. Audit Committee 
  6. Bylaws Committee
  7. Nominations Committee 
  8. Budget Committee 
  9. Personnel Committee 



  1. Evangelical Fellowship of Canada (EFC)
  2. Canadian Baptist Ministries (CBM)
  3. Canadian Council of Churches (CCC)
  4. Mustard Seeds  
    1. Edmonton  
    2. Calgary 
    3. Victoria 
  5. Social Justice Networks 
  6. Military Chaplaincy (ICCMC)
  7. University of Calgary Chair of Religion 
  8. Province of Saskatchewan – International Development Group
  9. North American Baptist Fellowship (NABF)
  10. Baptist Leaders in Canada
  11. Baptist World Alliance (BWA)