Vol 7 No. 17 The Federal Election and Other Matters!

Dear Folks,


I have commented on some blogs that we have begun around several topics in the upcoming Federal Election:

  • The return of faith to public life in the installation of David Johnston, our Governor General
  • The significant influence of a couple of Baptists in Canadian life
  • A call to all of us to seriously reflect on our responsibility to vote amongst some other related topics

You do not need to avail yourself of those blogs to realize that the federal election, even as you read this, is a rather uncivil affair. There are grave causes for concern in how we treat each other in the marketplace of ideas and in the political life in Canada. Please pray for return to civility, please pray for the strength of character and purpose of each candidate, especially those who are brothers and sisters in Christ, who are seeking the Lord’s strength and perspective in the days ahead, whether they are elected or defeated. Whether or not you feel comfortable with the political landscape in the country, or even whether you are concerned with the first-past-the-post method of electing people, it is an incredible privilege to be in a country that has, by and large, a big commitment to democracy. I am deeply thankful to God for this privilege. I know of several Baptists and Christians of other traditions who are politicians that I would commend to you in prayer, but believe that it is better not to name folk, but to simply ask that you pray for all those that seek to lead us, that they will be merciful, just and righteous in God.

If you are reading this on Wednesday, the 27th of April, the Ordination Examining Council is meeting tomorrow, as are the Ministry Network Groups. Please remember them and the entire Assembly, particularly Jan Paasuke, our President.

Often there are unknown souls who work on our behalf; I’d like to introduce you to Greg Anderson, the Chair of our Finance Committee; David Holten, as he transitions toward his retirement; and members: Gary Calderwood, Michael Hayes, David Connop, and David Watt. They met yesterday (April 26th) to keep updated about the state of the finances of the denomination and discussed ways forward, including David’s transition.

The last thing I want to mention is that over the next week and a half, we will be launching CBWC pages/accounts:

  • Facebook
  • Blog
  • Twitter

By the time you read this, each of these will be active. Here’s the contact:

  • Facebook – Search “Canadian Baptists of Western Canada. Click “Like” to join the page
  • Blog – Can be accessed through the CBWC website
  • Twitter – follow @_JeremyBell and @theCBWC for real time updates



In Christ,