Vol 7 No. 24 New Interim Youth Director

Dear Folks,

I want to begin this newsletter by thanking Peter Anderson from West Point Grey Baptist Church, Vancouver, who has ably and kindly led the Youth Resource Team leaders in a part time interim position for the last several months. Peter is getting married this July to Brianna Clark and is returning to West Point Grey Baptist Church in full time ministry as the Youth and Young Adults Pastor.

Below is an interview with Danice Carlson, introducing her to our family of churches as the new part time Interim Youth Director. You will notice by the answers to the following questions that Danice has had significant experience and involvement in our churches and our youth. There was input from the Youth Resource Team in her selection.  I am delighted to give thanks and offer my support as well. The nature of Danice’s employment (interim/part-time) is a function of finances and it is our full and complete intention to make this a full time position thru a full search when the funds become available.

Welcome Danice.  Thanks be to God for you and thank you for being willing to encourage our Canadian Baptist youth, including our annual SERVE event.



In Christ,




Danice, will you introduce yourself to us, telling us where you are from and how you have been involved in the CBWC church family?

I grew up mostly in New Westminster, BC, and have been a member of the CBWC since 1994 when I was baptized at Olivet Baptist Church.  For the past 10 years I’ve been involved in youth ministry, first at Olivet, then at FBC Vancouver, and now (as of Sept, 2010) I am serving as a part time Youth Pastor at Grandview Calvary Baptist.

What are you looking forward to in this new role?

As the interim CBWC Youth Director, I look forward to meeting various other youth workers from across Western Canada, and having conversations that are mutually encouraging and inspiring as we seek to reach and disciple Canadian Youth in fresh ways.  And to eat the food at Carey.  😉

In your time off, what kinds of things do you like to do?

When I’m not hanging out with teens in East Van, working for the denomination, or selling musical instruments (at my other, other part time job), you can likely find me with good friends, drinking coffee or BBQing, while listening to nearly any kind of music I can get my ears on – preferably on record.