Vol 7 No. 26 The Royal Visit

Dear Folks,


It sounds odd and almost anachronistic to be talking about a royal visit in the 21st Century. The notion of royal suggests condescension to others, privilege above reason, a nod to by-gone days where stability was enforced by “divinely appointed” rule.  I must confess to a kind of bias when it comes to royalty.  I affirm it.  There were all sorts of opinions about the topic as I was brought up. There were those in my extended family who thought that the regicide, Oliver Cromwell, was a hero not only for preserving the rule of Parliament but for also getting rid of a rather bad King.  There were those like myself who as a child, believed that Charles the First was a martyr; I am relieved to tell you that I have grown out of that notion.  There are those in my acquaintances who believe that the office and moral authority of the monarchy has been sullied by its present occupant; and there are those whom I know that believe that it is the office, not the occupants who define the office.

All this said and considered, Canada is a constitutional monarchy. I see the wisdom in much of scripture, which suggests that authority is ordained by God. I also know that the wilfulness of monarchs, presidents, prime ministers, mayor et al can cause irreparable harm to the institutions that they represent.  Having declared my bias and occasional ambivalence, I am struck and moved by the fact that Her Majesty, and her representative, the Governor General are both devout believers to whom I feel a real kinship.

All these things mentioned so far are worthy of discussion, prayer and reflection to those of us who are Christians in this wonderfully free land we call home.  This week we welcome one of the heirs to the throne who in all likelihood will one day be our king.  The choices that they made (and others made for them) in their wedding ceremony were profoundly and specifically Christian.  I wish them well in their safety and their personal experience of this country. I also pray for their well being and development in their marriage, their private life together, their public service and that their faith might grow deep and sustain them.

Just some words for thought, and hopefully in prayer.



In Christ,