Vol 7 No. 3 A Week of Meetings!

Dear Folks,


I thought I would introduce you to a week of meetings of the CBWC Board and Staff. But first, let me begin on a personal note. I began the New Year, in its first week, by attending the Edmonton ministerial with 17 colleagues. It was a great experience. The next week I had planned to attend the Heartland Pastors’ Retreat. However, in conversation with Dennis Stone, I realized that more than a day of travel was required both ways which would mean I would miss the first day of the Executive Staff meeting, which had been planned long before, when the CBWC Board meetings were moved to early January. So, my apologies to the Heartland folk –I will look forward to next year’s retreat.

Thus, the second week of January began instead with two days of memo writing, motion creating and note taking in preparation for the Executive Staff and the CBWC Board meetings. These were done by some of the members of the Executive Staff, my associate Shelby Gregg and myself. (As well, on Tuesday, 11 January, I had the opportunity to skype into the Heartland retreat being held in Russell, MB, under the kind auspices of Dennis Stone – I enjoyed conversation with about 1/3 of those present).

Wednesday and Thursday (12 and 13 January), the Executive Staff gathered together at Carey Centre in Vancouver to prepare for the Board meetings and to follow up on several key topics in the constituency. Those topics included:

  • State of the Heartland in transition
  • Administrative and staff transitions
  • Pastoral care concerns
  • Providing care in the absence of a clergy care coordinator
  • Communication plan for the year


To name a few.

For those of you new to this family, the following are on Executive Staff:


Jeremy Bell, Executive Minister

Rob Ogilvie, BCY Regional Minister

Dennis Stone, AB Regional Minister and Interim Heartland Regional Minister

Bob Webber, Director of Ministries

David Holten, Director of Administration and Finance

Faye Reynolds, Director of Women’s Ministries

Tom Lavigne, Director of Church Planting

Brian Stelck, President of Carey Theological College

Stu Dinsmore, President (Interim) of CBWC Foundation

Shelby Gregg (recorder of the minutes)


On Thursday evening Glenn Rabuka and Jan Paasuke led us in a planning meeting for our Assembly meetings coming in April. The three staff point people for this event are David Holten, Liz Swab and Colleen Schneider. Reps from round the denomination included Tim Kerber (Alberta), Devin Seghers (Heartland), and Mary Dyk (BCY).

All day Friday, and Saturday until noon, the CBWC Board drew together to discuss a variety of issues.  It was led by Jan Paasuke, and included a devotional by Michael Cantlon; and for once, in a long time, we had full attendance. There are many topics that could be shared, but here are a few:

  • Most of the things from the Executive Staff list are applicable
  • Assembly
  • Reports from Carey (Brian Stelck) and the CBWC Foundation (Stu Dinsmore and Gerry Fisher)
  • Sam Chaise, the new General Secretary from CBM, reported to us
  • Encouraging news was shared about growth in new church plants, students at Carey Centre, financial responsiveness from churches

The discussion was animated, encouraging, and a reminder of the level of skill and commitment that the denomination is led by from our various regions.


CBWC Board members:


Jan Paasuke, President

Carol Mager, VP Planning

Glenn Rabuka, VP Personnel and Programme

Greg Anderson, VP Finance

Devin Seghers, Heartland

Mary Stuber Doerksen, Heartland

Michael Cantlon, Heartland

Tim Kerber, Alberta

Betty Smith, Alberta

Donna Orr, Alberta

Al Grochowski, BCY

Jim Galbraith, BCY

Mary Dyk, BCY


The following Executive Staff members also attend some or all of the board meetings:

Jeremy Bell

David Holten

Dennis Stone

Rob Ogilvie

Bob Webber

Brian Stelck

Stu Dinsmore

Shelby Gregg (recorder of the minutes)


It was quite a week; intense, reflective, and I came out of the gathering more encouraged than I have been for many years on the energy, vision and purposeful discussion that we were a part of. So there is a snapshot. Please pray for those listed and the issues before us.




In Christ,