Vol 7 No. 35 The Beginning of Fall & A Renewed Call to Prayer

Dear Folks,

The start of Fall heralds the start of school and de facto, the beginning of a new year.

Let us begin the “New Year” well, Fall, anticipating God’s presence and strength be with each of us.

  • Please pray for the anxiety, uncertainty and unemployment during these economic times
  • Please pray for our country, political and spiritual mentors and leaders
  • Please pray for camping staff, volunteers, campers and the family of churches as they return to their respective country, families and churches
  • Pray for parents, students and teachers at the start of the school year, college and university
  • Pray for school ministries as they begin.
  • Thanksgiving for those who support families facing the economic strain and embarrassment that often accompanies the start of school
  • Pray for the financial challenges facing many churches and church ministries
  • Pray for Devin Seghers as he starts his ministry and completes his orientation to the work
  • Pray for the interviews of candidates for the position of Chief Administration and Finance Officer of CBWC on September 7th
  • Pray for those returning or commencing sabbaticals
  • Pray that we learn from the natural disasters that many are experiencing. Pray for our response
  • Prayer for Jan Paasuke, Greg Anderson, Carol Mager and Glen Rabuka; our Table Officers/Executive of the Board
  • Pray for the new students at Rocky Mountain College, Columbia Bible College and Christ of the Nations under Rod Olson’s leadership



In Christ,