Vol 7 No. 36 Banff Pastors and Spouses Conference

Dear Folks,

Much of what I am about to say can be gleamed from the following link, which takes you to the Banff Pastor and Spouses Conference (https://www.cbwc.ca/images/images/events/bpc_brochure_2011.pdf). Take particular note of the registration information. For further information you can call Liz Swab at 1-800-820-8479 ext. 300. The conference this year is being held a little earlier than the conference last year; the October 31-Nov.3dates do not conflict with Remembrance Day mercifully. This year’s conference comes with four speakers and four powerful messages.

Bruce Clemenger, our Plenary Speaker, is well known as the President of the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada.  He is a person who relates easily and well with Evangelicals, Roman Catholics and the mainline churches. I count him as a friend and have a profound respect for his ability to apply an orthodox theology to the very wide cultural experience that is our country.

Darrell Johnson, Senior Minister at First Baptist Church, Vancouver, will be our Bible Study leader.  I will let him develop his theme through the Bible studies with you, without revealing any of it for now.

Myrna Sears, whom I have known for almost 30 years, is the Vice President of the Carey Institute and the Director of Distributed Learning.   She will unpack for us a topic close to her heart – ‘Learning as a Lifelong Journey’. She understands the value of this concept and she lives it.

Nadia Vanderkuip works with Carey in the role of Marketing and Communications Coordinator.  She is also well known in our family of churches and to many individuals as the Director of Short Term Ministries. Nadia is going to lead us through the challenging journey of ‘Building Community by Serving One Another’ with particular emphasis on churches serving each other and their neighbourhoods.

The Banff Pastor’s Conference is an opportunity for Sabbath, studying of Scripture, continuing education, building and rebuilding of relationships and community and frankly to be able to relax. It is a deeply encouraging time containing many opportunities for continuing education as well as personal renewal.

I would like to thank the CBWC Foundation for providing scholarship funds this year, as they did last year.  I would ask that if you inquire about these scholarship funds, that you would please contact your Regional Minister.

Hope to see you all in Banff.



In Christ,