Vol 7 No. 4 Mini Semester

Dear Folks,


Mini Semester is conducted every year under the auspices of the Carey Theological College and the leadership of Brian Stelck. It would not happen effectively if it were not for the strong administrative structure created by Dana Cupples, and the cooperation and work of the Regional Administrators.  You will see from the schedule linked here, (https://www.cbwc.ca/content/blogcategory/127/313/) the topics that are covered, along with some very helpful orientation in teaching from Paddy Ducklow, Axel Schoeber, and Jonathan Wilson. Rob Ogilvie and I will share on Thursday morning.

Looking at the schedule is straight forward enough. The more important question is: “Who is the Mini Semester for”?  It is intended for those who are about to appear before the Ordination Examining Council. It is a period of reflection, continued education and the presentation and possible revision of their ordination papers. It may interest some of you…okay, it may not interest some of you…but I’m going to tell you anyway, where people are coming from….geographically, I mean.

Ken Wettlaufer – Westwood Community Baptist Church, Coquitlam, BC

Peter Ma – McLaurin Baptist Church, Grande Prairie, AB
Wendy Thom  – Shoal Lake Baptist Church, , Shoal Lake, MB
Hati Mvundura – First Baptist Church, Vancouver, BC
Walter Wong – (From a related denomination, but not of the CBWC.  Walter’s denomination does not have an ordination process so Brian Stelck is offering our assistance)
Keith Needham  – Emerson Baptist Church, Emerson, MB
Laurie MacKay – First Baptist Church, Vernon, BC

Please pray for this group as they go through their week.

Many thanks to Brian and Dana,



In Christ,