Vol 7 No. 41 CBWC Board Meeting

Dear Folks,

Recently in September, the CBWC Board met for their fall meeting. There were two new members: Joshua Goetz and Patrick Schoenberger who represent the Heartland and Alberta regions respectively and were new to our gathering. The following people attended: Michael Cantlon, Betty Smith, Joshua Goetz, Patrick Schoenberger, Mary Dyk, Glenn Rabuka, Donna Orr, Mary Stuber Doerksen, Carol Mager, Greg Anderson, Jan Paasuke, Brian Stelck, Dennis Stone, Devin Seghers, Tom Lavigne, Faye Reynolds, Rob Ogilvie, Bob Webber, Shelby Gregg, Stu Dinsmore, David Watt, Bill Dyck and myself.  As you can see from the list, it was a mixture of Board members, staff and invited guests.  The first day all were present, the second day just the board members met along with Brian Stelck, Bob Webber, Shelby Gregg and myself.

There are two people to whom it is most important to thank at the very beginning. First, thank you for the gifted, patient and thorough leadership of Jan Paasuke, our President. While it is all but dangerous to begin to thank people as I might leave some out, I certainly want to note the work of the Table Officers: Greg Anderson, Carol Mager and Glenn Rabuka, who have signed up for their second term. Part of what Jan, the Table Officers, and myself have been doing along with Larry Nelson of Hutchinson Smith is to interview a new Chief Administrative and Financial Officer for the denomination. A shorthand description for that is that we have been looking for someone to replace David Holten, which as anyone knows, is a daft suggestion because David is irreplaceable.

Secondly, I would like to thank Shelby Gregg who coordinated and presented a complete review and reframing of the Policies and Procedures Manual.  More on that later.  Shelby was assisted by Bill Mains, Jan Paasuke, Claudia Wakeman and myself, along with several others. Thanks so much Shelby.

Another major process that we engaged in was looking at the Strategic Plan of the denomination with particular attention on how to frame that and measure it. While this had some input from me, Jan Paasuke, Brian Stelck, Shelby Gregg and Naomi Wakeman had considerable influence on how it was framed. Executive Staff also looked at this plan.

A long and healthy discussion also occurred around stewardship, finance, our own expenditure and the state of the world economy.


We also voted to officially accept several of the churches that had been welcomed at Assembly as they had completed their full process.  These churches were: Brooks International Gospel Church (Brooks, AB), GoodTree Christian Fellowship (Calgary, AB), Peninsula Mission Church (Sidney, BC), Riverside Community Church (Prince George, BC), SouthGate Baptist Church (Calgary, AB), University Campus Baptist Church (Vancouver, BC), and VantagePoint Community Church (Edmonton, AB). Many thanks to Tom Lavigne for his work.

There was also an extensive discussion around assembly; where it should be held, it’s themes, and how attendance could be best improved. Much more on that later as well.


In Christ,