Vol 8 No. 12 Organizational Structures Part II

Dear Folks,

We are seeking to put together a two-week series on our organizational patterns and structure. Last week it was about how the Board and Assembly relate; this week it is about our staff organization.  And at the same time, we are trying to overcome some technical glitches in order to give you properly formatted material.  The material in these newsletters usually appears in graph form.

Both these documents should be of help to you in the following areas:

  • Knowing who to contact
  • Knowing where some resources might be
  • Remembering people in prayer



In Christ,




Canadian Baptist of Western Canada Staff Organizational Chart

  • CBWC Churches in Assembly
    • CBWC Elected Board
      • Communications Consultant
      • Vancouver Office Staff
      • Executive Minister– Jeremy Bell
        • CBWC-F President  *** – Stu Dinsmore
          • CBWC-F Staff
        • Director of Ministry ** – Bob Webber
        • Heartland Regional Minister* – Devin Seghers
          • Heartland Regional Assistant – Gayle Meyer
        • BCY Regional Minister (Coordinator Church Resources)* – Rob Ogilvie
          • BCY Regional Administrative Assistant – Dawn Johannesson
        • Alberta Regional Minster (Settlement)* – Dennis Stone
          • AB Regional Administrative Assistant – Sharon Onciul
        • Ministry Cluster Leader and Women’s Director** – Faye Reynolds
          • Short Term Ministry Coordinator – Nadia VanderKuip
          • CFAM Coordinator – Sherry Bennett
          • Youth Director – Danice Carlson
          • Urban Camping Coordinator & Edge Coordinator – Rod Olson
          • Camping Committee Chair – Bob Webber
        • Director of Administration & Finance* – Victor Ku
          • Calgary Office Staff
        • President of Carey Hall* – Brian Stelck
          • Carey Staff (Including Carey Institute)
        • Director of Church Planting ** – Tom Lavigne

* Executive Staff as per bylaws

** Invited Guests to Executive Staff/Contract positions

*** Partner Organizations