Vol 8 No. 15 Good Seed Sunday

Dear Folks,

First, a couple of introductory notes.

Last week’s newsletter was a call to balancing the proclamation of the gospel of the resurrected Lord Jesus and our re-committed and visceral experience of the wonder of that. Not one over the other, but both.

The second is the news below which I asked Axel Schoeber to share with us. Axel is a great gift to our graduate interns and to the CBWC because of his high standards and great personal care of those in the initial stages of ministry. Here is what he wrote in response to my inquiry about the paper he is presenting at the University of Cambridge.

Conference Topic: Radicals, Dissenters and Non-Conformists in the Reformation

Location: Westminster College

My paper’s title is: Gérard Roussel – French Evangelical Dissenter (Or Not…?).

It is about a popular, but controversial bishop who is little known today. I seek to help us see his importance, both in his day and our retelling of the era. His irenic evangelism was more important in sixteenth century France than we have tended to think. It is the same bishop I have been researching for my dissertation.

And now to the main point of this newsletter:  to talk about a biblical care of creation. One of the ways to do this is to focus on our biblical call to stewarding God’s gift of the world to us. Are we careful of this beautiful world? Are we worthy of his trust?

Many of our churches in the CBWC, the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada, Willowcreek Canada in a direct mail out, as well as Outreach Canada, link the Christian environment stewardship group, A Rocha, to a church resource-based creation care day entitled Good Seed Sunday.

A Rocha is an international Christian organization, inspired by God’s love, engaging in scientific research, environmental education and community-based conservation projects.  Over the past 5 years A Rocha has worked with over 150 churches across Canada promoting environmental stewardship. The resources for Good Seed Sunday are available with the following contact information: www.arocha.ca/goodseedsunday, 604-542-9022, or goodseed@arocha.ca

The link takes you to sections that provide you with resources in the following areas:

  • Church Service Package
  • Bible Study and Small Group Materials
  • Sunday School Teacher Kit (ages 4-11)
  • Action Projects
  • Online Community
  • Living Lighter Resources
  • Daily Reflections and Devotionals
  • Resource Library


Let us all hold this topic wisely, carefully and faithfully, not being embroiled in political issues or in indifferent camps, but rather, honestly doing each of our individual and church community parts, to be responsive and responsible to God for the beautiful world we have been given. If responding to a beautiful world does not appeal to you; maybe you can reflect as I do, that part of this exercise is to repent for some of the terrible messes we have made.

Peace and strength be with us all, remembering not only to be reframed ourselves in these matters but to also teach our children and in that dialogue, leaving everybody a legacy for the years to come.



In Christ,