Vol 8 No. 38 Miscellaneous News

Dear Folks,

Wanted to share some miscellaneous news that has occurred over the summer and is worthy of our
collective encouragement and note.

  • I have had a full, formative and enriching summer. Allow me first to say that I have been very much moved and prompted by the Holy Spirit in the area of sharing our faith. This journey of reflection started in Assisi, Italy, moved to the Netherlands, to Great Britain, and culminated, for me, in a presentation I made at the BC Regional meetings in Nanaimo, BC. Now for some other salient points.
  • Keats Camp has had a re-birth of sorts this summer and had well over a thousand campers. They are closing the gap on their deficit this year, and may be in a balanced position for the camping season. I preached at Keats in July and was very encouraged by the new life there and especially by Dan Galpin, Cheyla Reader, and Heather & Bob Thomson. I will report on other camps as I get more information.
  • Our summer youth service ministry SERVE 2012 was in Peace River, AB. Danice Carlson saw an increase in churches and individual participation from about 180 folks in 2011 to 220 in 2012 and from 10 churches to 18 churches.
  • SERVE 2013 will be held in Winnipeg, MB.
  • Victor is doing an excellent job in finance and administration of the Calgary office. I am very thankful for him.
  • Please pray for the Canadian Council of Christian Charities who meet during our Board week in Richmond. Bruce Ratzlaff from the CBWC Foundation, David Holten on our behalf, and Jack Borchert, who is a CCCC Board member, will be attending.
  • Our first Celebration Dinners in the Peace River will be on Saturday 28 September and Sunday 29 September.
  • It has come to my attention that some dear folk think that we are charged for the use of the Vancouver offices. We are not. They are free. They have always been free. Rumours like this are unhelpful. They are based on bad communication on my part, lack of questioning, or simply mischief. It is the latter that is problematic. I must admit that this patently inaccurate rumour was extremely disappointing for several reasons: It suggests that Carey Centre are not generous and gracious hosts, which is simply not true. It also suggests that we are spending money in an area that we are not, and have not in the last seven years, nor are we intending to. At the Baptist Denomination Leader’s Meeting in Washington, DC last March, George Bullard announced that the Baptist General Conference in America had split their strategic and administrative offices into two locations. While there is much that is strategic about the Calgary office, it is infaticaly our Head Office where our Directors of Ministry, Finance and Administration, and the Foundation reside. Some of the individuals that lead the strategic aspects of our work are located in the Lower Mainland: Church Planting, the Carey Consortium, the Executive Minister and Youth. There is every important reason to diversify the geographic placement of our work and it is interesting that we were seven years ahead of a large American denomination in doing so.
  • Dr. Nis Schmidt, Beulah Garden Homes Society (BGHS) President and Board Chairman, announced the appointment of Adrian Dar Santos as the incoming Chief Executive Officer for the Beulah Garden Homes Society, beginning August 13, 2012.
  • David Watt, the Chair of the Board of the CBWC Foundation wished to announce that “On behalf of the Search Committee and the CBWC Foundation Board, we are very pleased to announce the Bruce Ratzlaff will be joining us as the new CBWC Foundation President effective September 4, 2012.” Please go to the CBWC Foundation website for more information about Bruce.
  • Devin Seghers along with Gayle Meyer have been inviting 15 churches and their leaders to become part of a monthly leadership gathering that will hopefully be a template for other similar events in other areas over the next year. The goal is to have a monthly meeting in every area willing to do so.
  • The initial format is as follows and will be modified and customized by each group.

o 500 – 530: Welcome, gathering
o 530 – 600: Worship and teaching
o 600 – 645: Dinner (minimalistic, cost by donation)
o 645 – 730: Affinity Groups (youth, church planting, etc)
o 730 – 820: Main teaching / sharing / training session (including welcoming, knowing
your neighbor, evangelism, money, cross cultural care)
o 820 – 830: Prayer / close



In Christ,