Vol 8 No. 41 The News in Brief

Dear Folks,


There has been so much happening recently I’m not sure where to begin…but begin I will with said
news past, in progress and just around the corner.

  • The Canadian Food Grains project in Brownfield, Alberta has had a very successful harvest this year with over 50 bushels of grain to the acre – for us lay urban folk, that is a good number. Our thanks to the Brownfield congregation, especially Bob Webber who is our Director of Ministries and a Board member for the food grains work. This harvest is the work of many. In the end the hand of God in his mercy has seen hundreds of thousands of dollars (with matching money from Canadian International Development Agency) freed up for international food security.
  • There were three Celebration Dinners:
    • Saturday, September 29th – Charlie Lake, British Columbia…thanks so much for inviting
      us up. Faye Reynolds, Dennis Stone, Tom Lavigne and myself all preached at four
      different churches on the Sunday morning.
    • White Rock Baptist Church kindly hosted a dinner on Wednesday, October 3 rd.
    • West Vancouver Baptist hosted us on Thursday, October 4th, thanks to them also.
      Heather Thomson and Bob Webber along with Dennis Stone, Sharon Onciul, Rob Ogilvie
      and Dawn Johannesson have all worked very hard. Thank you all.
  • On the Friday and Saturday before the Charlie Lake celebration dinners, we had our fall CBWC
    Board meetings under the leadership of our President Jan Paasuke, many topics to be discussed
    in later newsletters.
  • The second monthly Leadership Forum will be held in Winnipeg, October 16 th. Remember, if you
    will, in the previous Leadership Forum, 16 out of 18 churches from the Winnipeg area (plus 2
    chaplains) came together to worship, share a meal, pray together, encourage one another and
    resource our work together.
  • Next week CBM meets for their fall Boards; please pray for Ken Bellous as he chairs his first
    board meeting.

I would like to give thanks to God for the life and service of Christine Charter, former moderator
of First Baptist Vancouver, who amongst other things established the Victorian Order of Nurses in BC,
Meals on Wheels in Vancouver and the Hospice. She died at 99. She was a dear friend of Bruce and
Valerie Milne and their family.


In Christ,