Vol 8 No. 8 New Pastor’s Orientation

Dear Folks,

Every year Carey Centre hosts a three and a half day event entitled ‘New Pastors Orientation’. Every new pastor in the CBWC is requested/required to come to NPO within 5 years of taking up a position in a church. People are encouraged to celebrate God’s presence and diversity, His body and this family of churches, in all the many ways it is expressed and as they do, they discover that others have similar joys and challenges.  Often, participants have not even met others who live in their own city. So this week new friendships will be formed; old ones will be reconnected.  As well, for many who are from outside the CBWC, this is the first opportunity for them to gain a sense of the larger work of the CBWC. Jan Paasuke, the CBWC President, will bring greetings; Brian Stelck will represent Carey as our host, and as he often does, he will confirm the gracious welcome that Carey so often offers. Rob Ogilvie will be the NPO facilitator and Faye Reynolds and Tom Lavigne will create an evening that orients people on a relational level on Sunday.

I have added a list of those who are coming and a list of staff and volunteers who will have input at some stage this week. I’ve also given you a schedule which includes a list of some of the topics we will deal with which always creates a problem with me and with you…how so? When one publishes a list of topics like this, you ask, beg, almost plead, for people to want to add, delete, comment, or argue with the topics that have been chosen. No problem there. Please do so. The participants are asked to evaluate as well, so that we can continue to be challenged by new things God is doing.

Please remember us in your thoughts and prayers from Sunday evening to Wednesday afternoon and also for the Executive Staff who will meet on Thursday.



In Christ,





  • Jeremy Bell
  • Victor Ku
  • Stu Dinsmore
  • Jan Paasuke
  • Rod Olson
  • Faye Reynolds
  • Dennis Stone
  • Devin Seghers
  • Tom Lavigne
  • Rob Ogilvie
  • Sherry Bennett
  • Brian Stelck
  • Axel Schoeber
  • Esther Kitchener
  • Myrna Sears
  • Danice Carlson
  • Nadia VanderKuip
  • Paddy Ducklow
  • Dawn Johannesson
  • Bill Dyck (CBM)



  • David Bonney (FBC Neepawa)
  • Andrea Tisher (FBC Vancouver)
  • Alan Yu (Westside Baptist Church)
  • Peter Anderson (West Point Grey Baptist)
  • Susan Hunter (Laurier Heights Baptist Church)
  • Bernie Willock (New Life Community Baptist)
  • Kyle Merkel (FBC Lethbridge)
  • Anne Smith (The Church at Southpoint)
  • Shannon Youell (Jubilee Christian Community)
  • David Wang (Broadmoor Baptist Church)
  • Neil Redenbaugh (FBC Vancouver)
  • Steve Roadhouse (Gull Lake Centre)
  • Judy Lang (FBC Vancouver)
  • Mandi Hecht (Faith Community Church)
  • Darlene Edwards (Trinity Baptist Church SP)
  • Brad Warkentin (Trinity Baptist Church W)
  • Jusuf Wijaya (Ward Memorial Baptist Church)
  • David Jenkins (Kitsilano Christian Community Church)
  • David Stirling (Bethel First Baptist Church)
  • Joshua Wang (Emmanuel Baptist Church)
  • Lee Bohem (Trinity Baptist Church V)
  • Matthew Dykstra (Summerland Baptist Church)
  • Ryan Emmons (Argyle Road)
  • Brad Steyn (FBC Vancouver)
  • Karl Johnston (Joy Fellowship)
  • Thomas Henry (One Accord Edmonton)


  Sun, Feb 26 Mon 27 February Tues 28 February Wed 29 February  
830   Welcome

Greetings from the CBWC


Devotion Devotion  
930 Why We Exist: Who Are We and Where did we come from?

Culture & Context

Partnerships and Possibilities


Resourcing our Pastors

Connecting Opportunities 

  • Pastor retreats
  • Assemblies
  • Communications and Stewardship
  • Resource library
  • Websites


Open discussion on areas of challenge

945 – 1045am

1045: room check out

1100 BREAK 11 – 1115 BREAK 11 – 1115  BREAK 11 – 1115  
1130 What do we value?  Three core values (1115 – 1230)


Educational Opportunities


1130 Carey

1145 GIP

1200 Carey Institute


  • Salary and Benefit issues
  • Building and property
  • Personal financial planning?
  • Resources of the CBWC-F
1230 Lunch Lunch Lunch  
130 Small Group Prayer – Family

Affinity groups with questions

Small  Group Prayer – Work/Church Small Group Prayer – Personal  
200 How do we meet those core values?  Ministries to the churches:

Women in Focus 




Urban Camping and Edge 

Church Health Resources



Mediation Services

Risk Management

Conflict Resolution

Consulting Services

Clergy Care


Pastoral Ethics & Wellbeing


The personal sexual narrative: boundaries and borders in ministry

  • MPPP
  • CBWC statement on sexual behaviour
  • Marriage – a statement affirming a Christian View
  • Prevention of pastoral sexual abuse


300 BREAK (300 – 315) BREAK (300 – 315)    
330 Ministries Con’t


Refugees and Uprooted Peoples 


Church Planting



Communion, Reflection and Covenanting 


400   CBM


430 Registration 


530 Dinner Dinner Dinner  
630 Welcome,

Introductions, Icebreakers, Lectio

Fireside room

700 Night Off