Vol 9 No. 45 News From Near and Far

Dear Folks,

I neglect to celebrate the beauty of this country and land (one, a political entity, the other the creation of our God).  As I have been in Calgary, Ponoka, Banff, Ottawa and over the Remembrance Day weekend; Gage Town, New Brunswick to mark November 11th with five Canadian Baptist Chaplains; all in the last 30 days.  What a country, what a creation, what a Lord who graces us with gifts that we often do not see.

Banff continues to be a rich experience of worship, the scriptures, thoughtful teaching and for many a meaningful experience of new and old relationships.

The emphasis of the Banff Pastor’s Conference this year has been the Parables of Jesus; intertwining God’s story, our own narrative in God and, as Rob Des Cotes reminded us, a challenge to be open to God; truly attentive.

Craig Smith from Carey and Anne Smith, the pastor of South Pointe church led us in the morning Bible Studies.  Gord King from CBM spoke of the Parables in ways that called us to reflect on our own stories and the incarnational call of Jesus to our culture and our times.  Sam Chaise and friends led us in worship and all talks will be available on audio in the weeks ahead.

I celebrate our lives in Christ as a family of churches.  I find evidence of that in so many ways.  I seek to celebrate God in many new ways in the months to come.



In Christ,