Vol 9 No. 20 Transitions, Updates, and Passings


Dear Folks,

I’ve cobbled together some news of several different folk of which I wish to share. They begin with Nataliya D’yachenko:

It is with mixed feelings that we say goodbye to Nataliya D’yachenko, Financial Analyst and Accountant in the CBWC Calgary office, who began a one-year maternity leave on May 13th.  Nataliya, her husband Michael, and daughter Anna, look forward to welcoming a new baby boy in early June.

Nataliya was instrumental in creating internal controls in the accounting system, which resulted in cost-savings and a surplus for the first time in three years!  She also developed budget monitoring procedures and reports, shared with the rest of the CBWC staff, to create awareness with regard to budgeting and spending control.  She has been an excellent leader in providing professional advice to staff within the Calgary office on matters related to accounting and cross-functional work.  We will miss her quiet demeanour and raiser-sharp sense of humour!

We wish Nataliya, Michael and Anna God’s richest blessing as they welcome the new baby.  We pray that as Nataliya sets this year aside to give full attention to her son, she will experience much joy and God’s abundant goodness.

Many of you have been asking about Devin Seghers, and Louanne Haugan and Josh Goetz offer these two pieces:

Devin continues to recover from an assault suffered while traveling to Winnipeg for area meetings last October.  He is being treated for post-concussion disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder.

A claim was made to Saskatchewan Workers’ Compensation Board, as we felt this qualified as a work-related injury.  Our first claim was immediately rejected on an administrative technicality.   We appealed the decision and won, resubmitting our claim and eventually gaining approval.  We also applied for Long Term Disability, and while we cannot claim full coverage from both sources, Great West Life approved our application and agreed to pay for Devin’s group insurance coverage while he remains on disability.  God is good!

We have been encouraged by Devin’s on-going progress with his recovery, and are thankful for the number of people throughout the CBWC who keep in constant contact with him, encourage him, and   continue to uplift both Devin and his wife, Joan, in prayer.  We pray that Devin will make a full recovery so he may return to the work God has called him to in the Heartland Region.

 We continue to pray for Devin Seghers as he recuperates from his injuries that he received last October. Devin is making progress in many areas of his recovery and that has been very encouraging, but he still has a ways to go.  A number of people throughout the CBWC have had continued contact on a regular basis with Devin and Joan to both offer encouragement and to help wherever necessary.

 Gipp Forrestor, the founder of the Victoria Mustard Seed church, the subsequent food bank, and many other ministries passed away April 15th on his 76th birthday.

His wife, Donna, is known by many as a gifted person who ministers to many with compassion, courage and clarity. After the basic information was shared in the obituary in the Victoria Times Colonist, the obituary included a poem by Gipp called, “In the Fields of the Lord”:

I am at peace in the fields of the Lord

I run and I don’t grow weary I walk and I do not faint.

There is no pain, no limitation, no weeping or sorrow.

I leave you to be the keeper of tears

For I have left the forest for the fields.

But shed no tear for me, neither sorrow for my passing.

For I frolic with angels and thrill to the sound of the voice of God.

I tremble with great joy as His Majesty enfolds me and

I walk barefoot in the Fragrance of His garden.

His song uplifts me and I soar with eagles.

If tears must be shed, then shed them for those who say there is no God.

Shed them for those who sorrow without reprieve, but not for me.

I am alive in promise; my hope satisfied, my redemption complete.

Remember if you will, not as I was but as I am.

Alive in the presence of my God

At peace in the fields of the Lord.


The theme of this newsletter is not about passing, but George Beverly Shea, the Canadian gospel singer who teamed up with Billy Graham for more than 60 years passed away at the age of 104 on April 16th.  Brennan Manning, who wrote the Ragamuffin Gospel, passed away on April 12th.

Last but not least, signs of new life… our interim regional minister, Josh Goetz, wrote about Cindy Emmons who left last week on maternity leave.  Here is what he writes:

Cindy Emmons, the Heartland Region’s Administrative Assistant began her maternity leave last week.  Cindy has been an absolutely wonderful addition to the team in the Heartland, and she came to the office at a time of great turmoil and change, bringing stability, wisdom and humour to the office.  We pray for Cindy and Ryan as they prepare to welcome baby number two to the world in the next couple of weeks, and we look forward to her return in a year’s time.

Cindy gave birth yesterday to a baby girl.  Cindy and Ryan named her Evelyn Rae, weighing in at 5 lbs 7 oz.



In Christ,